18 months

He is 18 months!! The best part of 18 months is Nursery. Now he can go to Nursery for the latter 2/3 of church. And it’s amazing. No more chasing our little monkey around the building or trying to corral him in a room he doesn’t want to be in. In nursery there are toys and snacks and music. He didn’t even bat an eye when we dropped him off, he just gladly walked over to the toys. 

Ezra is very opinionated at 18 months. He can climb and run and he’s trying very hard to jump. He is a very picky eater win rules for food that I have not been able to figure out. He is very clear that any vegetable other than carrots is poison...

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1 year!!!

Ezra is ONE!

He still enjoys the occasional snuggle

He is very mobile – enjoying walking all over the place, but he still loves to be cuddled (for short periods of time).

He loves some books. He loves climbing in baskets, eating the foods he likes, toys, pulling all the shoes out of the shoe basket, the cats, music, Duplos, dancing and clapping, and his pacifiers.

He dislikes vegetables, being hungry or tired, being trapped in the stroller, being told no, or just generally being restricted in his movement.

Showing love by squishing

To review his mobility milestones:
Crawling: 4 months
Sitting: 5-6 months
Standing: 7 months
Walking: 10 months
Climbing: 11 months

And he FINALLY got 2 teeth at 10 months.

At 7 months we ended up in the ER because he had a skull fracture...

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Happy Half Birthday!

Well, that went by fast. 

The advice I usually give to first time mom’s is just to remind them that in the first year, you have a different baby every few months- the challenges are different, their likes and dislikes are different, their sleep and nap cycles are different.

But there is a wonderful thing that happens somewhere between 4-6 months, where a baby gets a nap schedule and becomes predictable. And Ezra is there. And it is wonderful. Except when you realize that some things won’t ever be the same, then it’s kind of sad. I know his sweet gummy smile will have a tooth or two in the next few months- boo!

He naps regularly. He goes to sleep when we lay him in his crib (usually). He eats predictably. 

Ezra went from the 80th percentile in weight to the 40th- because we won’t stop mo...

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4 years old

Well, this is overdue.

I can’t believe she’s four!!

She’s a bouncing ball of bright, energetic, dramatic, curious energy.

She has fully entered the world of imagination. She has many imaginary friends that follow her around and play games with her. She loves art and building things and digging in sand. She enjoys reading books and learning to write letters.

She loves her little brother and is both nervous for him to get bigger and get her stuff and excited for him to be able to play with her.

I think she has started to realized how much bigger the world is and how little control she has over things. She’s started to cling to the familiar more and she gets a little stressed over things outside her control. We’re working on emotional outbursts…

Some of my favorite Sabrina-isms from this pas...

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5 months!

Time flies…

I’ve been putting off writing another post. Whenever I post about something difficult or close to my heart, I don’t like writing again – it feels like the more meaningful things just get pushed down under the hum drum things of life. I know that’s not exactly true in actuality, but it’s taken me a little while to get back to the normal.

Ezra was sleeping great between 2-3 months old. He was sleeping from 7-7 (ish). And then… he learned how to roll from back to front.

He’d throw his legs up in the air and pivot his hips to get the momentum to turn to his side and then twist to get to his belly. And once he figured out how to get to his front, he had to figure out how to get back to his back. And then he figured out how to roll.

And then he started inch-worming forward.

And now h...

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The more difficult parts of life

When I was younger, I spent entire summers in California. For some of that time I’d sleep at my dad’s parent’s home. They have 10 acres of land and during our yearly family reunion everyone would gather and pitch tents and eat together and talk and swim. I have never loved sleeping outside and I would often just sleep on a couch in my grandparents’ living room (I’m stubborn like that).

In the mornings, I’d wake up to the smell of coffee and my grandparents moving around, which was my signal to go and sit on the edge of the bed and talk with my grandparents. Me and my siblings and my cousins all had similar experiences. One of my cousins would always sit in a chair pulled up by my grandparents bed. Another would always sit on the floor against the wall...

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The Adventures of Oodle and Doodle

I remembered that I had some herbs that I’m supposed to be watering outside. So a week ago I went out to water my plants. And it became the day of bugs.

When I went to our water spiget and turned it on, the water was taking a while to flow. And then out pops this HUGE, HAIRY, legged creature. I may have wigged out a little. So I again went to turn the water on, and ANOTHER HUGE, HAIRY legged creature popped out. They were carpenter bees, which made me feel slightly better, instead of giant icky spiders.

I was a little on edge when I walked over to my plants. Sabrina was playing with our neighbor and I went to go look at my herbs and I see two fat caterpillars on my parsley plant. I jumped again when I saw two crawly bugs, but was fine after seeing they were caterpillars.


So much eating… So...

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5 years

5 years ago Dave and I got married. We went to the temple, kneeled across from one another and were sealed together for time and all eternity.

And then…

2 moves in two states, we bought a house, had a baby, graduated from a graduate program, I became a NP, Dave started grad school, we had another baby.

I’m looking forward to 5 more years. And 5 more years after that, on and on forever.



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3 Months!


Three months have flown by. Ezra is such a good baby. He’s been sleeping through the night consistently for the last 3 weeks. He sleeps from 7-6:30 in his crib. Occasionally he fights going to sleep and needs some extra snuggles or a pacifier replacement, but for the most part he goes to sleep easily. He naps fairly regularly during the day. I’m looking forward to a more firm nap schedule in the next month or so.


He loves his big sister. He watches her and smiles at her. It’s perfect since Sabrina is more then happy to dance and sing and entertain an audience at any time.


Ezra still likes his pacifier and to snuggle. He’s trying very hard to be mobile. He’s got the wiggle and pivot down. He’s very anxious to be moving. I’m not as anxious for him to be moving.


He is very particular abou...

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One Month

Ezra is 4 weeks today! He survived all the snow and snow events – like getting home from the hospital in another snowstorm and our power going out for 12 hours due to yet another snow/ice storm. Hopefully, the cold is behind us and spring will be here soon!


He has gone from 7 lbs 4 oz at birth to 10 lbs 6 oz. Apparently I don’t make milk, I make heavy cream. He eats every 3-4 hours, sometimes with a 4-5 hour stretch at night. He prefers to sleep flat and stretch his legs out, he doesn’t like the reclined newborn sleeper or having his legs swaddled up. He still gets swaddled at night to keep his arms from flaying about, but I don’t really swaddle him during the day and he does fine.

We’ve discovered that he’s very ticklish...

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