1 year!!!

Ezra is ONE!

He still enjoys the occasional snuggle

He is very mobile – enjoying walking all over the place, but he still loves to be cuddled (for short periods of time).

He loves some books. He loves climbing in baskets, eating the foods he likes, toys, pulling all the shoes out of the shoe basket, the cats, music, Duplos, dancing and clapping, and his pacifiers.

He dislikes vegetables, being hungry or tired, being trapped in the stroller, being told no, or just generally being restricted in his movement.

Showing love by squishing


To review his mobility milestones:
Crawling: 4 months
Sitting: 5-6 months
Standing: 7 months
Walking: 10 months
Climbing: 11 months

And he FINALLY got 2 teeth at 10 months.

At 7 months we ended up in the ER because he had a skull fracture. He defied the odds and managed to crack his head by falling backwards from a stand onto our hard wood floors – very rare. So we ended up with an $250 ER bill, $60 play yard, a $200 new rug, and various baby helmets that he refused to keep on and ended up returning- per the recommendation of our pediatrician. We’re keeping track of all the extra expenditures to give him a bill later in life. (Just kidding. Kind of.) I should add the Aflac Accident policy I have now to that list…

Just before his first birthday he managed to propel himself head first out of his crib onto the floor, he didn’t seem to be bothered by it, so we skipped a ER visit there, lowered the crib…, and I’m mentally preparing for the possibility of future ER visits.

Other then his persistent desire to be higher and go faster and refusal to eat veggies, he is a very good baby. He is sweet and loves to give kisses, he will listen (to the extent to be expected from a 1 year old). We have encourage (aka trained) him to close the gate to the stairs, so now, instead of trying to escape, if he sees the gate open he looks at us, closes it, and expects lots of clapping and cheering for his efforts.

One of the foods he enjoys: caramel rice cakes

He was OK with being carried for a little bit, but much prefers to run around on his own


He has continued to be tall – in the 90th percentile, we’re not sure where those genes come from. The tallness must have skipped a generation on Dave’s side of the family.

As for talking, he says “mama” and “dadadadadada.” And then he communicates to us with variations of “babababaaabababaaa.” He does do some sign language. He’ll sign “milk,” “more,” “bye-bye,” “all done,” and “thank you.”

Sabrina loves him, is usually happy to play with him and share her toys. Ezra adores Sabrina and wants to follow her around and play with the same things.

He didn’t really love the cupcake, but we got him to smile for the picture anyway

For his first birthday celebration, my mom and step-dad flew out from California. We went to the zoo and celebrated with cake and presents.


The whole crew at the zoo


3 comments to 1 year!!!

  • Kari Gary  says:

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE you all! I’m so happy we were able to spend this milestone with you! ❤️

  • jessica brown  says:

    That was a quick year! Blythe had a 6 month ER visit too- first one out of four kids!

  • Kim Carlile  says:

    He’s such a sweet boy. I love taking the pictures with an animal so that you can really see the growth! Happy Birthday!