18 months

He is 18 months!! The best part of 18 months is Nursery. Now he can go to Nursery for the latter 2/3 of church. And it’s amazing. No more chasing our little monkey around the building or trying to corral him in a room he doesn’t want to be in. In nursery there are toys and snacks and music. He didn’t even bat an eye when we dropped him off, he just gladly walked over to the toys.

Ezra is very opinionated at 18 months. He can climb and run and he’s trying very hard to jump. He is a very picky eater win rules for food that I have not been able to figure out. He is very clear that any vegetable other than carrots is poison. He does not like Costco soft serve ice cream, chocolate, macaroni noodles, all vegetables, lemonade, potatoes in any form other then French fried, orange juice, or breaded chicken. He does like chicken, beef, fruit, pretzels, cheese sometimes, yogurt, peanut butter, apple juice, sometimes milk, French fries.

He doesn’t talk a lot, but he is working on some new words. He tries to tell knock knock jokes. He just started expanding his book interests to include non-flip-the-flap books.

He will follow Sabrina and try and play with her. Which is super cute and super beneficial to us parents. Sabrina doesn’t always enjoy her role as big sister, but she’ll get over it.

He knows how to open the gate at the bottom of the staircase. But he doesn’t have an interest of going all the way upstairs.

He is incredibly social. He will go up to anyone and sit on their lap, especially men. We were waiting at the car repair shop and Ezra made one man’s day by sitting next to him. The man said that most kids don’t like him (I’m not sure if that made me feel better..).

He is in the 80th percentile for height. And the 15th for weight. So he’s tall and skinny. He’s skinny because he is a picky eater and because he is so so so active. The tallness must have skipped a generation on Dave’s side.

Temper tantrums happen on the regular. He prefers the drop and go boneless and scream. Occasionally he will bang his head on the floor. He has a pretty high pain tolerance, he will bang his head on things and it doesn’t even phase him. We went to a garden and there was a rock wall at the perfect height for Ezra to climb and he did- over and over and over until his knees were bloody and his belly scraped up and it never bothered him.

He is our little active monkey baby. Maybe we’ll put him in gymnastics.