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Love and Hate: 8 month edition

Lulu is growing and showing more and more of her personality. She has also been quite clear about what she likes and doesn’t like.

Technically, she’s not 8 months for another week. But I say it’s close enough for this post.


Love, or Obsession

1. Teddy – unfortunately for our fluffy feline, Lulu LOVES him. If love translates into grabbing, pulling, and wanting to chomp on. Poor kitty. Lulu barrel rolls toward the kitty, reaches for the kitty, laughs whenever the kitty comes close. I won’t be surprised if her first word is some form of kitty. She sounds like she says “Geegee” or “Kiki” sometimes.

Lulu showing her 'love' for Teddy. Thankfully, Teddy puts up with it.

2. Hair – as in pulling and trying to eat...

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Although I do appreciate the value of goal setting and the beginning of the year reflection, I sometimes feel like there is this pressure to goal set to perfection on January 1st and by January 15th everyone is back to their good ol’ selves. This is my perfect vs. real resolution list.

Viddy and I are actually going to do more meal planning and healthy eating. We have been doing really good about eating vegetarian every other night – it has become a game almost, trying to think of or search for veggie dinners. And I have gotten to enjoy veggies even more and experiment with new dishes, like sautéed bok choy with mustard over quinoa (surprisingly delicious).

We are also working on being more active, also known as getting our lazy behinds moving in some form.

One of the great parts ...

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