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Lulu Turned Two!!! (in May…)

I know. I’m a blog slack-a-lot. I’m aware.

Any who.

About 8 weeks ago. Our little toddler turned TWO! We had the opportunity to celebrate twice. Once with our good friends and neighbors (well they WERE our neighbors until they LEFT us! Boo.). And then again in NoVa with Viddy’s parents and my father who was in town for a conference.

For the gathering here in NC, I made homemade funfetti cupcakes. Gluten Free, of course. I just added a vanilla pudding packet and sprinkles to my cupcake mix. Easy Breezy. Then I topped the cupcakes with green frosting and sprinkles and stuck dum-dums in them to be some kind of resemblance to truffula trees. From the movie The Lorax. Lulu is kind of obsessed with 2 movies – Finding Nemo and The Lorax. And Monsters, Inc., comes in 2nd.

I thought a Lorax theme...

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