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Potty Training


The favorite rite of passage for all parents of toddlers. The end result is great, getting there is a pain.

My “favorite” highlights from potty training week:

The first afternoon of potty training I took off the diaper, brought in the froggy toddler potty and we read some potty books. I turned around to chop something for dinner and next thing I hear is, “Wet! Wet!” and Miss Lulu was sitting in a puddle of wet, splashing and rubbing it into the floors. I went to pick her up and take her to the potty and then clean her up, and when I bent down to pick her up she reached up and rubbed her urine coated hands all over my face. OHMYGOSH. Urine Facial = terrible. My plan of having a trial day of potty training was awful. Terrible idea...

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