Potty Training


The favorite rite of passage for all parents of toddlers. The end result is great, getting there is a pain.

My “favorite” highlights from potty training week:

The first afternoon of potty training I took off the diaper, brought in the froggy toddler potty and we read some potty books. I turned around to chop something for dinner and next thing I hear is, “Wet! Wet!” and Miss Lulu was sitting in a puddle of wet, splashing and rubbing it into the floors. I went to pick her up and take her to the potty and then clean her up, and when I bent down to pick her up she reached up and rubbed her urine coated hands all over my face. OHMYGOSH. Urine Facial = terrible. My plan of having a trial day of potty training was awful. Terrible idea. I should have just stuck with my plan to use my long weekend to start the process.

The next day I introduced potty training was Thursday. And I busted out some Jelly Beans, Let her run around naked. My idea was to just use stickers to motivate her, but then I changed my mind and used food as incentive. She got 1 jelly bean for #1 and 2 jelly beans for #2 for anything that actually made it into the potty. I knew it was a good incentive when I put the jelly beans in a jar, while Lulu was watching me and she through a full on cry on the floor, yell and scream tantrum because I wasn’t giving her a jelly bean RIGHT NOW. She eventually got over it.

It wasn’t until Day 6. DAY SIX!! That she announced, “Potty, mamma.” And then sat at the potty. There was a hallelujah chorus, I’m sure. But the six days before that? Lots and Lot and Lots of accidents. Thank goodness for hard wood floors, wipes, clorox wipes, and paper towels.

My sanity was almost broken at the end of it. I was a frazzled, dirty, grossed out mess.

But I survived.

And now she announces when she needs to go potty. We have very few accidents. I still get wary when we are gone for long periods of time, like car rides, because from the time she tells me she needs to go till when she goes, I have about 1-3 minutes. We use pull-ups for long travel and naps (diapers for bed). And she is doing, over all, very well.

And I have somewhat regained my sanity, although I’m still a little traumatized.

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  • Erin Peters  says:

    Urine facial!!!! Noooo!!!

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