4 years old

Well, this is overdue.

I can’t believe she’s four!!

She’s a bouncing ball of bright, energetic, dramatic, curious energy.

She has fully entered the world of imagination. She has many imaginary friends that follow her around and play games with her. She loves art and building things and digging in sand. She enjoys reading books and learning to write letters.

She loves her little brother and is both nervous for him to get bigger and get her stuff and excited for him to be able to play with her.

I think she has started to realized how much bigger the world is and how little control she has over things. She’s started to cling to the familiar more and she gets a little stressed over things outside her control. We’re working on emotional outbursts…

Some of my favorite Sabrina-isms from this past year, I usually post them to my Facebook page:

Me: If I squeeze you will you stay 3-years-old forever?
Sabrina: No! I want to grow big!
Me: Why do you want to grow up?
Sabrina: So I can sit in your seat in the car.

Sabrina: (crying)
Me: Are you tired? Is that why you’re crying?
Sabrina: I not tired!
Me: Why are you crying?
Sabrina: I’m crying because I’m cute.

Sabrina: “Mom, Jesus told me I need a puppy.” David: “He’s going to need to tell me personally.”

Sabrina: “MWUHAHAHAHAHAH! I’m a bad guy. I’m going to make you CHICKEN!”
Me: “You’re going to make me chicken?”
Sabrina: “Yeah. I’m a nice bad guy. MWUHAHAHA. I’m going to make you chicken and cake.”

Two nights in a row, when it’s time to go upstairs to bed, Sabrina looks at Dave and I and asks, “Which of you humans is going to put me to bed?”

“You’re a good human. Here’s a sticker.” And “Say cheese!! I’m going to take a picture and send it to Jesus.”

“If Sabrina’s nightly prayers are any indication of what she wants to be when she grows up, then I’m going to guess Cirque du Soleil. Her nightly prayer is that she can juggle more things, like pumpkins, and do fancy trampoline jumps.”

“A Sabrina joke. Q: What is round and sticky? A: A salamander ninja”

Me: “Here is a bright pink shirt.”
Sabrina: “Yay! Pink is my favorite.”
Me: “Do you like other colors?”
Sabrina: “Yes! I like three other colors- dark pink, light pink, and fire pink.”
Me: “Do you like other colors different from pink?”
Sabrina: “No.”

“Sabrina gave the opening prayer in primary. She confused prayer with spotlight and proceeded to give a list of all her likes and talents in her prayer. At the end of her prayer, all the teachers laughed and I was laughing so hard I was crying. And Sabrina was so proud of herself.”

“More Sabrina-isms from tonight, about something she doesn’t want to eat: “Mom, thanks for making this and I’m so glad I tried it. But if I eat another bite, I’m going to throw up.””

“David: We need to work on you asking nicely for things and not demanding.
Sabrina: I already worked on it. Can I have my water now?”

“I was sorting through baby clothes with Sabrina. And she requested that her next sibling be a girl. I told her that when we decide to add another baby to our family we don’t get to choose if it’s a boy or girl. And so she dropped to her knees right in the middle of the room to say a prayer to put in her request for a little sister. Update: During her nightly prayer she said, “and please Jesus send a baby sister to my mom’s tummy right now.””

“David: I have an idea, how about we draw a picture of your monkey and take that to church?
Sabrina: I have a bigger idea, how about I take my Monkey to church?
Dave: I have an even bigger idea…
Sabrina: No, my idea is bigger than your idea.”

“Sabrina informed me that she will not be growing up. She’s going to stay the exact same size. She will allow herself to turn 5 because she can’t wait to start school (she asked me today if she is 5 yet), but no more growing.”

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  • Bryce  says:

    Oh man, I laughed so hard at, “He’s going to have to tell me personally.” I’m using that with our kids, for sure. I might use that if Haley says she feels like He wants us to have #4.

  • Amy M  says:

    Loved loved loved this post.