80 Days

80 days.  As my lovely fiance put it the other day, 80 days isn’t that long.  See by her math when you subtract 10 days from 80 days you get 70 days.  When you subtract 10 days from 70 days you get 60 days.  And so on.  Pretty soon, you’re at 10 days out from getting married.

For my part, I’m very thankful to be 80 days from marrying the love of my life.  When I look over my romantic past, I see many individuals that have helped shape my opinion of the person I would one day marry.  Some of these had great qualities that I’m lucky to have found in Steph.  Some others had qualities that I’m even more thankful that Steph doesn’t have, like crazy stalker tendencies.  Through the many years that I’ve been waiting to meet Stephanie, I have had many opinions of what the portrait and personality of my wife would be.  In Steph, I have arrived at the culmination of a life-long (well, being in my late twenties, not that long) pursuit of the one that is perfect for me.  I have found her.

For many years, I’ve prayed to my Father in Heaven that he would essentially knock me over the head so I would know with a surety that this was the person that I would marry.  My preference that this attention grabber would not come in the shape of a speeding car or an actual smack to the head.  Instead, it’s come in the form of a speedy set of glorious coincidences and miracles that have come together in sweet synergy to produce:

  • the dinner group that led to the first date
  • that led to a second date kiss
  • to a trip to the mall to find a ring
  • to the airplane ride to California
  • that led to a conversation with her Dad (at 4 in the morning EST while in Pacific Time)
  • to a conversation at Weber Pointe in China Camp State Park about a ring and a promise
  • to 80 days from now when I marry her for our time here on earth for all of eternity.

That’s a story that may never be made into a movie, but it’s sure one that I enjoy living.

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