Baby Signing Time!

For the last few months, Lulu seemed pretty much the same. We had our sleep schedule. Rolling was mastered. The day from wake- up to bed time was set. Bottles, meals, naps. The day was pretty organized. And Lulu wasn’t doing too much that was new.

And then. Everything happened at once. She got her top teeth in and BOOM. Crawling. Signing. Clapping. Standing. Cruising. More Crawling. More Clapping. Saying “Dada.”

Unfortunately for our kitty, Lulu can get where ever she wants. Which is usually toward the cat. Specifically to get the cat’s tail. It’s just so fluffy and pull-able. Poor Teddy.

Any who. Viddy and I have been signing some basics with Lulu for the last forever. “Milk,” “All Done,” “Up,” “More,” “Book,” “Eat,”  and our recent addition, “STOP!”

When Lulu is crawling toward something dangerous – cords, the cat, the fireplace – we sign “Stop.” We say her name and she looks at us and then we do the sign. And then… she signs it back. And then keeps doing what she wanted.

Ex. Lulu begins crawling toward the speaker wire that I realize needs to be secured. I say, “Lulu, stop (sign stop). Come here.” Lulu stops, looks at me, and signs ‘stop’ back. And then keeps crawling toward the speaker wire. I say, “Lulu, STOP. Come here. Look at the blocks/dinosaur/music thing/stuffed animal.” And she stops, looks at me, and signs ‘stop’ back. And then keeps crawling toward the speaker wire. Repeat.

Sigh. Learning is hard work.

We try and redirect her. “Hey! Look at these not-as-exciting blocks! Aren’t they awesome! They bang together!”

Sometimes it works. And if that doesn’t work and we have to physically move her away, then she throws a mini tantrum.

Another thing we’re working on is eating books. Lulu will sit in our laps and let us read books to her. She LOVES it. She loves the pictures, stories, and any book that has flaps. But the books she loves the best are the cardboard board books. Because she gets one, flips it around so she can get the spine in her mouth and starts chewing away. Like a little beaver.

She knows the routine when I catch her chewing the book. She holds the book out to me and opens her mouth and hangs her tongue out so I can go fishing for colored cardboard bits.

When I catch her I sign ‘stop’ and say, “Books are not for eating. Books are for READING. Let’s read.” And I’ll pull her in my lap and we sometimes read or she sometimes throws a mini tantrum.

As I’ve mentioned before, she signs ‘milk’ about 50% of the time. If that. But she definitely knows the sign. Whenever I sign “milk” she gets really excited. And she usually signs it when I’m feeding her a bottle. She’ll lie in my lap and sign “milk” “milk” “milk” “milk”. Over and over and over. I’ll say, “Yes, milk. Yummy milk.” Although I’m thinking in my head, “nasty smelling formula, gross gross.”

Lulu is a lot more fun now that she’s mobile and learning how to communicate. But it’s more challenging to keep up with my little busy, active, happy baby. My days of being able to do homework while she is awake are OVER. She wants my attention always, and if she doesn’t want my attention it’s because she’s doing something she’s not supposed to, like pulling on the cat.

Short video of Lulu signing ‘all done’ and then starts clapping.

One comment to Baby Signing Time!

  • Kim Carlile  says:

    I love when babies get mobile! I think it is so much fun. I need to start Rex with some signs, I did it with the other 2, but haven’t even thought about it with him. Oops.