Baby Wishes

I’m a pregnant Family’s Nurse Practitioner student who wants to specialize in women’s health, particularly specializing with couples who have struggles conceiving a baby.

I’ve always been interested in infertility management/treatment/diagnosis. Ever since I was in high school and my gyn started throwing around the word “endometriosis.” And even more so in college when I had that word confirmed (I have the pictures of my uterus to prove it – but I’ll spare you). My uterus and I have a complicated relationship, involving (in the past) lots of pain pills, microwave heat packs, and strong words.

Any research you do about endometriosis links it to infertility. I had that not-so-little grey cloud trailing me around from when I was 17 till recently (even though I tried not to dwell on it). I wondered if I’d be able to get pregnant. How long it would take me to get pregnant. What I would do if I couldn’t get pregnant. Those are some pretty hefty issues for a 17 year old. What 17 year old thinks about their own fertility? And even now I wonder. Endometriosis, or “endo” as it’s called to those in the know, can be progressive. My time frame to have babies could be on a shortened time frame or maybe not. I have no idea, and no control over the situation.

Currently, since I’m expecting, I’m enjoying the pregnancy ride (more-or-less, depending on the day, the quantity of Tums I’ve had to consume, and how many times I wake up with foot/leg cramps) and I’m trying to just enjoy where I am and not worry about what may or may not happen. I remind myself that whatever happens, happens for a reason. There is very little we have control over in this life- we can control our approach and our attitude to whatever-happens-or-doesn’t-happen tomorrow. And that is pretty much it as far as our measly mortality control goes.

I can’t say that I understand what it’s like to struggle with conceiving – because I don’t know. Despite the diagnosis of endo, I got pregnant quick- quicker than I expected; I have no idea what it’s like to wait month after month after month for the positive pregnancy test. I do know that 2 weeks can feel like an eternity waiting to take a pregnancy test. And that pregnancy tests are crazy expensive if you buy them month after month. And that peeing on a stick – let’s be honest ladies – is not fun and sometimes can be messy.

I have many friends who for some reason or another have difficulties getting pregnant – whether initially or after already having a baby, and all that just seems unfair. Why do some women, who don’t want babies, have fertility coming out of their eyeballs and some women, who desperately want babies, struggles to conceive? I don’t have any clue.

The only thing I can do is send my friends who struggle to get pregnant happy baby wishes/prayers/vibes.

This is me sending fertility vibes into the internet world to all my friends who want babies. I send you baby wishes. You have your own personal baby-wishing cheerleader, right here.

Whether grown in your uterus or not – I hope you have as many babies as your family desires and Heavenly Father wants.

And by golly, I will study my heart out (two hearts, actually, if you count Miss Lulu) to be the best family nurse practitioner with a woman’s health and infertility management focus that I can be, so that I can offer help and support, and hopefully in some cases – reasons.

2 comments to Baby Wishes

  • Ruth  says:

    Love the post :). It really isn’t cool that every weekend has been nuts with family visiting/being sick/church stuff/Jeff studying non-stop. I really, really want to come see you.

  • Harmony  says:

    Ah, that’s such a nice post. I didn’t know you were ever diagnosed with endo. How luck you are that you were able to get prenant… and so fast! Did you know that Becky (I assume you know who I’m talking about without me using her last name) had a slew of troubles in high school and she surely thought she would have problems conceiving, but she was the most fertile of us all. I, on the other hand, had consistent to-the-hour periods with no sign of trouble, and I’m the one that can’t have kiddos. It’s a crazy world. But, I’m so grateful for my little Meggo and I wouldn’t trade her for 10 biological children! Not in a second!

    See you soon! Oh, and that blog you sent me? Awesome!

    But yours is better. 🙂

    Love ya!