Back to your semi-regular non-scheduled programming


I haven’t blogged for a while. How’s it going with you?

Maybe you are curious why I fell off the blogosphere for a bit, maybe you don’t care. I’m going to tell you any way. And hopefully, in future blogs, I will catch up on some milestones. You know, like Lulu’s 1st birthday.

This past summer I took 3 classes. Which, in hindsight, was a terrible idea. I never felt caught up on anything and was very very very overwhelmed. Kind of like I was stuck on a out of control roller coaster that I was supposed to manage while juggling three kittens and  saving the world. Oh, and clean my house and feed my family. We all did manage to get fed, the house cleaning….. eh. Viddy did help tremendously. He did the dishes and laundry and cooked us tacos, I mean dinner. And after Lulu went to bed at 7:30 I worked and worked and worked on my laptop that at one point had the audacity to BREAK, and now its fixed.

Oh and I was supposed to be working on my Master’s paper during that whole time. HAHAHAHAHA. HAHA.

Blogging kind of fell by the wayside.

I’m sure you all know I have Celiac’s disease  – that pesky little autoimmune issue that prevents me from enjoying Costco chocolate cake and other things. Well, because of HLAs and DQ2 and DQ8 and my genes, I have a higher chance of developing other autoimmune problems. Drum roll please. I am now the proud recipients of ANOTHER autoimmune issue called Grave’s Disease, which is one cause of hyperthyroidism and comes with a complimentary side of weight loss, anxiety, irritability,  and ADD (until it’s fixed of course and then all those things go away).

I started to realize something was weird at the end of July when I had fallen off my healthy-eating bandwagon and was eating Blue Bell ice cream EVERY NIGHT and I was still losing weight. And my heart rate was 130 at rest. You know, not so normal.

After seeing a few doctors and getting my blood drawn and analyzed – I am now on medication that in essence stops my thyroid partially. And shocker, I feel normal and calm and collected and happy and I can concentrate. I have a 50% chance of it going away after a year or so, and if it doesn’t I’ll have have my thyroid zapped and be on replacement thyroid hormone for the rest of my life. Here’s hoping for the 50% chance it goes away by itself!

Initially I blamed my summer classes for making me feel overwhelmed and PMS-y all the time (Hi, Viddy! Remember that? Wasn’t that AWESOME for you?? 🙂 ) But it turns out I can blame my thyroid.

As a consolation prize, Viddy bought me this:












He’s so sweet and nerdy.

Any way. There it is – the main reason I stopped blogging for a bit. I hope to catch up with some major events this summer – Lulu’s 1st birthday, the Family Reunion, and anything else I remember. And I should really write my Master’s paper so I can graduate this December…




P.S. Viddy called my writing style “Facetious and Bubbly.”


2 comments to Back to your semi-regular non-scheduled programming

  • Kim Carlile  says:

    Hooray for blogging! I hope life calms down soon!!

  • Vanessa  says:

    Steph, I am so sorry that you have been having such a rough time. I have thought about you so much and hoped that you were just too busy to blog. I hope that things will settle now for you. Cant wait to hear more about you!