We got a crib!! Finally! After much grief from Amazon we FINALLY got our crib, generously given to us by Viddy’s parents.












And the nursery slowly begins to come together. I now have some picture frames from Michael’s that were on super sale ($4 each! Woo!) and Viddy and I can make an overdue trip to Costco to print photos. And sometime before Lulu actually sleeps in her room – it will be finished. Right now she sleeps in a pack-n-play in our room. And as long as she’s waking up once (or twice or three times, depending on the night) between 2-6 am, she’ll be sleeping in our room.

Last week, Lulu took her first plane trip and we took our first family vacation to California!

Traveling with a baby makes life a lot more complicated. Babies need so much stuff that takes up room. Diapers, Wipes, Extra blankets, pacifiers, extra onesies, changing pad, and the list goes on and on. It wasn’t terrible travelling with her. She’s at a good age, since if she gets fussy – I can nurse her and she’s fine. Speaking of breastfeeding, Viddy and I wrote a Dr. Suess inspired  poem about breastfeeding on the red eye back to North Carolina. It’s awesome. We’ll post it soon, with illustrations (it’s all good – this webpage is PG).

We visited my family, we visited Viddy’s family. Lulu met 3 great-grandparents for the first time and hung out with another great-grandparent. As well as spending time with 4 grandparents, 2 uncles, 3 aunts, and some cousins.

Good Times.

And we ate a lot of tacos.

I got to meet up with a friend from Raleigh who made the move to the central valley in California from Raleigh. Random, I know.

I got my hair cut. Chop Chop. And now my hair and I have a MUCH better relationship.

Viddy got to work east coast hours on the west coast. Who doesn’t love 6 am meetings?? Yay!

After we got back from California, I began the semester off right by procrastinating schoolwork and making a baby mobile instead. It’s amazing how much I can do that isn’t schoolwork.

After much debating about making or buying a mobile, I decided to make one using scrapbook paper, chopsticks, ribbon, clear string, and my origami skillz. BAM. Mobile.




















Little Lulu has decided that she can sleep without being swaddled. Tear. She’s growing up so fast.

And more news about Miss Lulu: SHE TAKES A PACIFIER! HALLELUJAH! We tried Gumdrops, Hevea’s, Gerber’s soft centered, latex, silicone, Nuks, Avents, and Mams. And finally after much coaxing, praying and the almost lost art of Native American pacifier dances – she takes the Mam’s and the Nuks. But I think the Mams are cuter, and they don’t trap Miss Drool-a-Lots spit against her face.














Just call me the pacifier pusher. I’m glad she has something that comforts her when I’m not around. Because previously, I was her pacifier. Which is fine, when I’m here. But one day a week I’m going to be gone for 10 hours…. so, the pacifier, I hope, will help her nap and be happier.

Speaking of, I’m staring school tomorrow (insert panic attack here). I feel like I’m about to jump into the deep end of a pool with minimal swimming skills. Balance school, home, baby, life,  and self. GO!

Breath in and out. Keep on swimming. Another calming mantra.

Here it goes! Wish us luck!


4 comments to BUSY NESS

  • Vanessa  says:

    I love the mobile! I am very impressed with your crafty-ness. Lulu has gotten so big and is so pretty! I love it. Keep the posts coming!

  • Jamie  says:

    You can do it! I second the comment on the mobile. I love the crane theme. Did you see on DesignMom the huge crane her daughter made. Great party idea. Crib is super pretty too.

  • Emily  says:

    I personally think the decal clouds are what pull the room all together…whoever put them up must have really known what they were doing 😉

  • Lindsey B  says:

    Cute blog, I’m glad I found you guys! I’ll have to send an invite to ours. Ellie also HATED the carseat and screamed every second we strapped her into the death trap for a good solid year. The only thing that made her stop screaming? The song “Dare You to Move” blasting pretty loud. Crazy I know, but worth a try?