I realized that I haven’t really put very many pregnancy photos up. Something about school…. excuse, excuse, excuse.

And maybe because I’m finicky about the pictures I put on public places – just blame my inner insecure 14 year old.

And maybe because I can’t figure out where to put my laptop. On top of my belly? Below the baby bump? No matter where I put my computer Little Miss Lulu goes into a kicking fit if the computer is even just slightly pressing against my belly/Lulu’s Home.

So, while my child is discovering the joys of kicking my diaphragm while simultaneously trying to dislodge my computer I’m going to post some pictures and captions.











“How many more weeks???”

“I love my kankles. Really.”

“Heartburn is the best.”











“I really do like being pregnant  … most of the time.”

“I refuse to look at a scale from now on.”

“Cookies????!!! YAY!!!”











“My belleh can double as a table  – sweet!”

“Hi, my name is Fannie and I have a problem – I steal basketballs.”











“OoooooOOOOooooo. Artsy pregnancy photo.”

There you go. Photos.

Poor Little Lulu. She’s already getting her picture taken like crazy and she’s not even born yet. But the good news for me is that once she’s born I’ll be the picture taker (read: won’t have to be in pictures) and she’s not going to be able to do/say anything about it. Hee Hee.

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4 comments to Captions

  • Jamie  says:

    Love this post. Love the captions. Love these pictures (and any pictures). Love this feisty baby. Love you!

  • Vanessa  says:

    Love the pictures and the captions. You really should give the basketball back… You really do look so good and you will love seeing these pictures later. Hope you two have a great rest of the week!

  • Harmony  says:

    you’re so funny! but you already knew that.

  • Marcia  says:

    They say lots of heartburn means your baby will have lots of hair. (Wasn’t true for me. I’ve never had heartburn and Anne was born with a MASSIVE mop of dark hair.) SO… let us know if old wives’ tales hold up!