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Walking into the Justice Building

The doors of the county justice department are very heavy. When I reached out to pull open the tall, metal rimmed door, it took more strength then I had anticipated. And maybe it was just in my imagination, but I think they shut hard behind me, too.

I walked in, went through  security (by the time I was done with this week I would have gone through that security checkpoint 6 or 7 times in 4 days). I made my way up a few floors to the Jury Assembly room, checked in, got a parking pass, and began my week as a juror.

I didn’t want to do jury duty. I don’t have PTO. I could make twice as much as they paid me for the day, in an hour of work. Financially, it was definitely in my interest to be at work.

As luck would have it, I was randomly selected to go in a courtroom, and of the 40 people in...

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DIY Play Kitchen, from a reclaimed cabinet

My journey from reclaimed cabinet to play kitchen.Read More

Day by day….

Monday’s were never my favorite. Especially Monday’s where I wake up feeling like my cranium is going to explode with sinus yuckiness. Thankfully, little Lulu isn’t so fond of Monday’s either and she decided to sleep until 9:20. She’s been under the weather, so I didn’t want to wake her (and let’s be honest – I didn’t want to wake up either).

So today has been a lazy day. I’m staying in my pajamas. No make-up. Sabrina’s in a I-still-need-to-do-some-laundry outfit.

The blender exploded this morning. And by exploded, I mean it exploded it’s contents. User Error. It was a combination of top-not-on-right and not paying attention. Right after the explosion, Viddy opens the door after running an errand. And he gets to see large splotches of green fruit smoothie EVERYWHERE...

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Face Palm

Face Palm: smacking one’s face (usually forehead) with the palm of one’s hand, demonstrating feelings of frustration or exasperation in oneself or others.

Well, what i did today deserves a GINORMOUS face palm.

It all started because I was doing something nice. I was doing my visiting teaching. Well, kind of. I was dropping off muffins to one of the ladies I visit teach. They were homemade banana flax muffins. And they were very good, if I do say so. She may have gotten just 10, instead of a full dozen….

Anyway. I popped Miss Lulu into her carseat, drove over to drop off the muffins and introduce myself. I even put on a bra. And make-up. I know. Shock. And Awe. I had never met the woman, I wanted her to meet put-together-Fannie, not the grungy-lazy-dark-circles-under-eyes-Fannie...

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The Marriage Pamphlet


You remember when you were single and your friends who were married handed you this pamphlet about the joys and bliss and happiness of marriage? The one with the picture of smiling happy couples doing chores together and laughing together and sitting with their 5 well-behaved angel children? Did you get that one?

Me neither. But sometimes that’s what I felt like people were selling marriage to me.

I do think marriage is awesome. And fun. And full of laughs. Rewarding and a 100 other million good things. No regrets here.

But there have been a few…. or more…. moments in mine and Viddy’s marriage that would not make it into the marriage pamphlet.

1) Getting ready for bed

Viddy stripped down to his underclothes, rubbing his hairy belleh, pretending he’s pregnant – “OooooOOOOoooo, this bab...

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Happy Birthday!

Little Miss Lulu was born Memorial Day weekend!

Summary: I wanted to go into labor. I ate some spicy food. My water broke at 5 something in the morning. I ate breakfast. I went to the hospital – and little Miss trouble maker was breech (bum down, instead of head down…). We watched episodes of Lost while we waited for the c-section. She was born at 3.51 in the afternoon!

Continue reading for the FULL account.

I joked with Viddy that I practically willed her to come when she did. It would be perfect. He would have a 3 day weekend and then a shortened work week. He could take some time off and then work from home half days and then we’d have another weekend. Since he hasn’t worked at his company long enough to get paternity leave – it would be great, right?

Well, on Thursday I went to my regu...

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Instead of writing a paper…

***This flow chart is not meant to be a decision making paradigm for anyone else except the keeper of this blog. Any poor grades received are the sole responsibility of the student and cannot be blamed on the creator of this flow chart.***

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We already celebrated Valentine’s Day/Love Day/Smooching Day/over-priced-cards-and-flowers-Day.

On Saturday we did Yard Work. Well, Mr. Husband did yard work. I did homework and supervised. And then we cleaned up and put on Not-Pajamas and went out to dinner. The Melting Pot. YUMMMMMM. It’s the second time we’ve been in the last 2 years and I whole heartedly recommend it. It’s not exactly what you would call “Easy on your pocketbook” BUT for a special treat it’s fun and romantic and DELICIOUS. And they are Gluten-Free Friendly. Happy food for meeeeeeeee!

Then we went and got a Red Box movie… that we still haven’t returned. I have a love/hate relationship with redbox. Love how cheap it is, hate how I can never remember to return the movie until we’ve spent more than $5. FacePalm.



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Keep or Destroy?

My husband, the father to my in-utero child, Viddy (also known as Sugah-Honey-Love-Muffin) struggles with… getting rid of clothing.

He likes to collect t-shirts, belt buckles, and doesn’t like to throw things away. Most of the time I have no problem with this. The t-shirts are mostly funny and witty. The belt buckles are more or less harmless. My end goal is just to keep us from being on the TLC show “Hoarders.”

So I’m going to take a poll. This is a shirt that he INSISTS on keeping.

Here it is:

His Arguments: “For ugly sweater parties” and “Because I got it out of the dorm donation box freshman year”

Her Arguments: “When was the last time we went to an ugly sweater party?” and  “The 80’s called and they don’t like the sweater, either – it’s too ugly for the 80’s” and “We can find somethi...

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KFC fried Chicken

Bagels with LOTs of cream cheese


Corn Pops Cereal

English Muffins

There is one thing all of the above have in common: Gluten.

Gluten is baaaaaaaaaaaaaad for me. Very bad. For the past almost 4 years I’ve eaten gluten free I really haven’t had any problems with ‘craving’ gluten. Sometimes I miss things: like danishes and donuts and just buying regular bread from a regular grocery store, but it really hasn’t been too bad. I’ve adjusted well. I eat more healthy and I have fun baking new things.

Insert hormone-fest known as pregnancy. Hormones control cravings. My hormones are all sorts of out of whack. I cry at 30% of the country songs on the radio. And I crave gluten...

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