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Deception, Crankiness, and Small Town America

Driving from DC after our happy Thanksgiving break, Mr. Always-Drives and I decide that we need a break from the freeway. Dave needs caffeine, I want a milkshake = lets get off the road.

The freeway people are kind enough to post that on exit 345B there is a McDonalds. Perfect. Coke, milkshake, (moderately clean) bathroom: check.

We exit and are annoyed to find that the McDonalds is 3.6 miles away. Grumble. And we can’t turn around anywhere. More grumble.

So we keep driving and driving and driving, and finally get to the grease hole known as McD’s.
Bladders are relieved and we proceed to order our drinks.

And there isn’t any ice cream. Ok… Well, there is an Arby’s next door- so we go there to get a milkshake.
Again, there isn’t any ice cream...

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Midnight Klepto

I woke up in the middle of the night slightly uncomfortable. I wanted, no… I NEEDED another pillow to be completely positively comfy.

I only had 2 pillows.

I looked around and Dave had two pillows under his head. Who needs two pillows under their head?


I reached out, pulled on a corner to see if it would give.

And I swiped the pillow.

Dave’s head went THUD as it dropped 5 inches.

Dave woke up, looked around.

And I was fast (pretend) asleep with his pillow securely under my arm.

But don’t worry, Dave swiped it back when I went to get up to use el bano.

DISCLAIMER: I take no responsibility for any damage my (not very conscious) actions cause from the hours of 12 am till 7 am.

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