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This is a test…

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Why we can’t go to bed before 11 PM

Now that Fannie and I are closing in on the second year of our marriage in May, we’ve hit a new point in our marriage where  our evenings barely exist in a tumult of book clubs, ward callings, quick shopping trips, small projects, etc.  Lately, we have time for me to finish off the dishes and watch a show and it’s up to bed.

Somehow, when we’re doing the nightly chores: teeth brushing, face washing, water bottle refills, pill popping we get a second wind that results in a sleepy euphoria where we get slightly punch drunk.  Then it becomes a bunch of silly jokes, what if conversations, breaking down the game film, and some nightly competition on the app of the week on our iPhones (Jenga most recently).

This time has really become our true one on one time with each other and is honestly m...

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Christmas Letter

To all our family and friends, real and imaginary:

2011 has been quite the year for us. You could say that Viddy and I became official grown-ups. Although we are still waiting for the official letter from the government.

Viddy continues to show that life grades on a curve (take your own meaning from that).  He’s working for an amazing company that indulges his inner-nerd while working with a team that he really enjoys. Home ownership has allowed Viddy to exercise his inner-handy man, sometimes much to his wife’s surprise.   Growing grass seems to be a challenge worthy of someone that has a middle name that indicates an occupation in the field of horticulture. Other worthy pursuits include messing with the cat, teasing Fannie, and tossing Lulu in the air...

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Sweet 16

Two days ago my little sister, known as Auntie Em Auntie Em to Lulu, turned 16.

And today she gets her driver’s license!


How did I get that old?!?!

I mean- Happy Birthday to my sister!

Auntie Em and Me













Yes, we’re goofy together. Disregard my totally whacked out smile. In this picture, I was still on prescription pain killers from the c-section.

Now that Auntie Em is driving that means that she can drive ME around whenever I go and visit! YEAH! ((Happy Dance))

LOVE YOU, SISTER! You da bestest.

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M&Ms and Adele


Screaming like someone is ripping your leg off when all the nice doctor is trying to do is get an ultrasound of your hip just isn’t working. Two months ago, during the weekend from heck, you had a lumbar puncture done and you didn’t scream this much. You refused your pacifier. And then, after it was all done, you didn’t even want to nurse. You just kept screaming.  I really can’t handle all the screaming, especially since you decided to be awake every 2-3 hours last night wanting to eat.

I get it – it’s uncomfortable. But you should really save your good screaming for when needles are involved. Or for when someone is trying to abduct you. For the sweet love.

-Your Momma

(The ultrasound was part of a routine screening process to check for hip dysplasia, since she was a breech baby –...

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I love Lulu’s cute face. And her cheeks. And her chub chub arms and legs.

I love seeing her wake up and look up at me and smile.

It makes my day. It makes all those grouchy feelings I have at 3 am become absolutely insignificant. It’s like all the love I’ve ever felt rushes up and makes me just burst with happiness. I love my sweet girl.

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Me: I think you got 8 full hours of sleep.
Viddy: No way! I got up with you.
Me: Um…. I don’t think so, you were pretty sound asleep
Viddy: No, no. I got up at least once.
Me: Getting up to pee, does not mean getting up to help…….

Viddy is and has been very willing to help take care of the baby, day or night. For awhile when she would wake up at night Viddy would get up and changer her diaper and then I would feed her. But at that point Lulu would be screaming and when she screams she has a tendency to projectile poo…. so then we switched the diaper change to in-between or after nursing. And at that point it just as easy for me to do it. And I change diapers faster than Viddy. He’s better at swaddling and I’m a faster diaper changer. With our powers combined – we can care for a newborn…


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1 Year

Today is our One Year Anniversary.

We celebrated by having a stay-cation on Saturday. We were going to go to the beach, but the weather was bad. So we decided to go to a local lake, and it was forecasted to thunderstorm all day…. so we got the baby’s room more organized, started watching Lost (I’ve never seen it), did some laundry (realllllllllly exciting…. I know) and relaxed. It was a nice, relaxing, calm day. Today we went to church, rounded up the 5-year-olds for Sunday School, took a nap when we got home, and Viddy is making his very good grilled chicken.

But I thought I would take some time to give you a little more of the behind the scenes action of our Wedding Day.

*The day before the wedding some of my best friends took me out and we got dessert at Mimi’s Cafe. I got back to my house, said goodnight to Viddy, asked if he wanted an Ambien (he said no) and I went to bed with an Ambien on board and slept great. Which was good since my littlest sister ended up being awake all night puking, poor thing. Viddy, on the other hand, slept in a room with his snoring future-brother-in-law and was awake until 3 am. Ambien Win.

*Viddy, relying on his GPS to get to the temple 2 hours away ended up taking the very scenic route. Supposedly …. the GPS gave him wrong directions. I was waiting for him, OH-SO-PATIENTLY (ah hem)  so I could go in, drop my stuff off and we could start picture taking.

*During the picture taking my littlest sister is green and doped up on a lot of anti nausea medications (see picture below), the groomsmen disappear to go eat pizza, my littlest brother follows them and tries to get pizza, and my then-future-father-in-law wanders off. Everyone wandered off approximately 5 minutes before the photographer asked where they were – of course. I spent a lot of the picture taking time sending other people off to find the missing people. And smiling, I spent a lot of time smiling.

*The best part of the whole day was when Viddy and I got to just sit and talk for about 30 minutes before the ceremony started. It was marvelous.

*After the ceremony we spent a lot of tim...

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Being frugal…. or at least trying


1. economical in use or expenditure; prudently saving orsparing; not wasteful: a frugal manager.
2. entailing little expense; requiring few resources; meager; scanty: a frugal meal.
3. Not something that comes naturally to me
Viddy and I both spent 1-3 years single, working, post-bachelor’s degree. Although we weren’t living extravagant lifestyles by any means, money really wasn’t an issue. I was paying my student loans, taking care of my bills, flying to visit family whenever I wanted, and buying pretty much whatever I wanted. and I became too good of friends…
One summer I flew back and forth from Virginia to California or Michigan 3 times, without blinking at the cost! Now whenever we want to go somewhere it’s two tickets instead of one...
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Rules for My (In-Utero) Daughter

Have you seen the blog Rules for my Unborn Son?

Hilarious. And Awesome.

You should click the link.

He made a Rules for my unborn daughter mini-list HERE.

But I wanted to make my own list. Most of these are applicable to sons as well, just so you know. But some aren’t – like the one about bras.

Rules for My (In-Utero) Daughter

1) Smile often.

2) Jeans and a t-shirt are always good choices.

3) Let men open the door for you. Not because you can’t open the door for yourself, but to let him do something nice for you.

4) You’ll never be too old for Disney movies.

5) Read. Read. Read. Read. Read.

6) Never gossip.

7) More make-up isn’t better. Unless you’re on stage- then layer it on thick.

.8) A good pair of shoes goes a long way.

9) When you can, pop your own popcorn and use melted butter.

10) S...

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