Eventful, Life

How many major life changed can we cram in a short time?

Well… let’s see:

1) Meet, Date, Get Engaged, Get Married: Mormon Style (a.k.a. this takes less than three years, for us from start to marriage was 7 months – and yes, we’re very happy)

2) Move multiple times (I moved into Dave’s apartment, we moved to NC with friends and put all of our stuff in storage, then move into our sparkly house)

3) Buy a house (pictures will be coming)

4) Get a lifetime pet (Our new kitty, Toby, will be joining us in January. He’s a Siberian.)

5) Change Wards four times. (Meet some new people, meet some new people again, and meet some new people AGAIN). Oh and to interpret for those who are not members of the same church as me, a Ward is a group of members of my church that is organized geographically. So, when you move or the boundaries get changed the Ward you attend gets changed.

That sure seems like a lot of major life changes. Could there be anything else??

6) Have a baby (Yes, I’m serious). The Little One will be joining our household approximately in the beginning of June. (Yes, we have names – no, we aren’t telling you what they are. Yes, I want an epidural – if you don’t want one slash think they are evil that’s fine, as for me and this uterus, we want pain relief. Yes, we’ll be finding out the gender – I’m too much of a planner to wait that long for a surprise. No, I haven’t had any cravings – I just eat a lot of orange juice and yogurt like I usually do. And no, I’m not quitting graduate school, I WILL BE a good Mother and a Nurse Practitioner – and if you disagree with my choice there, don’t tell me or I’ll go all crazy pregnant woman on you.)

3 comments to Eventful, Life

  • Jamie  says:

    I love that you are crazy awesome. I love how adventurous you. Holy Cow! What a year. I’m all kinds of wonderful thrilled for you.
    Also I want your address. Send via email that way no creepy people stalk you.
    love love love you.

  • Harmony  says:

    I KNEW IT!!!!!! Yesssssss! This is such great news, Steph! Aw, I’m sooooo thrilled for you!

  • marcia marshall  says:

    John and I got engaged after dating 2 mo and married after knowing each other 7 mo. If my daughter did, I’d freak out! But all’s well with us 🙂 Can’t mess with success.