Extreme Bachelor Pad Makeover

Due to the overwhelming clamor for new posts.  I thought I’d share this special treat.  A picture of my current bachelor pad that is slowly transforming itself into what is known as an apartment blessed with a woman’s touch.  Today, my roommate moved out of my apartment to make room for new horizons in his own life and room for my future eternal roommate in my life.

As this new chapter opens, we’ve immediately begun to re-arrange the apartment and make some adjustments.  As a treat, can you name the 3 things in this picture that have already changed due to a woman’s touch and the 3 things that are bachelor-pad indicators and probably will change.

Now, don’t cheat by looking below at the picture.  Resist the urge.  Don’t come over to the dark side of I Spy picture cheaters.

So, are you ready for the answers?

I mean really ready?


I guess I’ll tell you.

But just because I like you.

The numbers in the picture above indicate what items are signs of changes made and changes forthcoming by a woman’s touch.

1. Shawshank Redemption Poster – This I bought in one of those all too common college poster sales.  I bought it and put it up a couple of times, but mostly it sat inside of a small poster tube.  This movie is one of my favorites because it demonstrates a man with an indomitable spirit.  I like to think that I could endure such trials half as well.  CHANGE: Likely a poster of the Oakland Temple OR Collage of Wedding Photos OR Cherry Blossoms

2. Striped Pillow – This is a target special I bought shortly after I bought the brown leather couch where it currently resides.  That pillow is one of the most comfortable nap pillows I’ve ever owned.  If you ask my wife-to-be, it is probably one of the ugliest nap pillows in existence.  So ugly, that she considered entering it Petaluma’s yearly ugliest dog competition.  She believes that this pillow is such a prime example of ugly, that they would make an exception to the entry rules because it is such a prime example of ugly. (By the way, can you spot the new pillows she bought)

3. Pile of Nerf Darts – A gift to myself included two Nerf Revolver Guns that I wield with deadly accuracy.  Since buying these darts, I’ve lost more than I’ve bought to replace them.  The guns, not pictured here, have been used to settle roommate arguments, evoke noise complaints from neighbors, and encourage familial-in-law bonding(this means you Em).

4. Converse Shoes – I won’t say much about these until I get permission to talk about them.  All I’ll say is that they fall under the Woman’s Touch category.  Hmmmmmm….Mees-terr-reee

5. Blue Drapes – These drapes I bought from Target through two different trips.  The first trip I bought one panel thinking that there were two panels in the box.  Thus, I had to make a second trip to three other targets before finding the matching second panel(Steph picked them out, by the way).  Also, on the first trip, lacking a tape measure and advanced spatial reasoning, I used Steph as  a tape measurer to see how wide these doors were.  While, I enjoyed the experience, I find that measuring  in Stephanie’s is not going to become common practice by the Virginia Department of Weights and Measures.  Just not accurate enough, it could be the curly hair.

6. Duvet Cover – Finally, the duvet cover is one of the latest, greatest indications of a woman’s touch.  Steph found this lovely duvet cover on Etsy.com and is extremely excited to get the duvet that goes inside of it.  I never realized that blankets came with covers, but I figure why should pillows have all the fun, right?

So, I hope you enjoyed our little list of changes and upcoming changes to the bachelor pad.  Soon, this home will be radiantly glowing with the warmth of a woman’s touch.  Or it will be radiantly glowing from the radioactive cheesiness that newlyweds and engaged couples emit from their lovey-doviness.  While, the effects on singles found nearby don’t exactly mirror the effects of true radiation, the nausea and vomiting with loss of appetite are not uncommon to those that fall victim to Twitterpation Radiation.

Anyway, let Steph and me know if you see some other areas in this pic that could use Steph’s magical touch.  Or, let us know, for those that know me well, other signs that Steph has already had an effect on changing this bachelor pad to married couples apartment.


One comment to Extreme Bachelor Pad Makeover

  • Josh Larsen  says:

    Are those tissues over on the edge of the couch on the window side? If so, that’s a Viddy tradition that I really hope Steph gets rid of. Especially since they are not always un-used tissues. That’s one thing I DON’T miss about rooming with the Vidster.