Face Palm

Face Palm: smacking one’s face (usually forehead) with the palm of one’s hand, demonstrating feelings of frustration or exasperation in oneself or others.

Well, what i did today deserves a GINORMOUS face palm.

It all started because I was doing something nice. I was doing my visiting teaching. Well, kind of. I was dropping off muffins to one of the ladies I visit teach. They were homemade banana flax muffins. And they were very good, if I do say so. She may have gotten just 10, instead of a full dozen….

Anyway. I popped Miss Lulu into her carseat, drove over to drop off the muffins and introduce myself. I even put on a bra. And make-up. I know. Shock. And Awe. I had never met the woman, I wanted her to meet put-together-Fannie, not the grungy-lazy-dark-circles-under-eyes-Fannie. Although I did have work-out pants on. But from a 50 yards they look like gray slacks…

So, I get to her house on a hill, I pull in front, leave the car running and Lulu inside and run up to drop off the muffins, introduce myself, and tell her that she can call me anytime for nurse-things. Because everyone else does. And I don’t mind.

But she’s not home. So I leave the muffins in her wreath with a card that has my name and contact info. The muffins were egg and dairy free. They’ll be fine outside for a bit.

I know what you’re thinking. I did not lock Lulu in the car.

I left the car in DRIVE…….. o_O

Face Palm.

My car could have rolled backwards or forwards. WITH MY CHILD IN THE CAR. Mommy-Fail.

I heard a quote from one of my labor and delivery co-workers, “God protects fools and babies.” Check and Check. I’m glad that my Heavenly Father was looking out for my little one (and my car) while I was not paying attention.

I felt so dumb/guilty/stupid about what I did that I almost didn’t tell Viddy. But he pried it out of me. And then he pointed out lots of times he’s done equally or more stupid things and there are lots of people who do equally or more stupid things. And I felt slightly better about myself.

I share this story with you today, to let you know that if you have ever done anything air-headed, if you sometimes think you do dumb things -It’s ok. I do, too.

In a day or two or a year, I’ll laugh about this. Right now, I’m still feeling dumb.

For more randomness, here is a picture of Lulu, with a lovie on top of her head (she did it) and covered in drool.

She does have arms, she just moves all the time and all her limbs are always fuzzy. And yes, the dark pink on her shirt is drool.

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2 comments to Face Palm

  • Allyson Tack  says:

    I’m soooo glad you posted this. I am totally having a dumb day. I’m starting a new job this week, so there are plenty of opportunity for “duh” moments. Glad to know I have a fellow mother and nurse that is totally NOT incompetent usually, but sometimes has a stupid moment. By the way, your little girl is the cutest, I love the drool and flapping arms.

  • Erin aka Conscious Shopper  says:

    My mom did that exact thing once, and I’m pretty sure she may even have been visiting teaching. In my memory though, she was more concerned about the fact that the car could have rolled right into someone’s living room than that we were all in the car. We weren’t babies though – more like elementary age. Anyway, at least you know you’re not the only one who’s done it!