Food Adventures and other occurances

It’s a good thing that I LIKE to cook. I enjoy finding new recipes. Creating new recipes. (re)Trying vegetables (I’m talking to you, brussel sprouts, beets, and cauliflower). Viddy and I are doing a … healthy eating plan/nutritional readjustment/diet.

Pretty much, we’ve cut out all sugar and grains for 6 days of the week and then Saturday or Faturday we eat WHATEVER we want. Well, almost whatever we want. I want a asiago cheese bagel from Panera, but my celiac tummy forbids it. So, Faturday means Stewarts orange cream sodas, chick fil a french fries, popcorn, carbs, carbs, carbs, and sometimes cake.

It hasn’t been too bad. Other than when I see a Chick-Fil-A and I cry a little inside when it’s a weekday and I can’t get french fries. Or when I’m on Pinterest (follow me!)  and all I see is bread and desserts.

In theory, Viddy and I should both slim down on this “healthy eating plan”. In reality, Viddy is slimming down and I’m exactly the same. Figures. As in my figure is curvalicious and doesn’t want to be anything else.

And now I’m done whining about my figure.

Some new veggies/recipes we’ve tried include:

Siracha Turkey Lettuce Wraps (YUM)

Roasted Brussel Sprouts (Surprisingly – YUM)

Shepherds Pie (YUM) with Pureed Cauliflower (BLAAAAAARG) instead of mashed potatoes

Roasted Beets (Yum)

Homemade Yogurt in my handy dandy crockpot (YUM)

Fudge Babies (YUM YUM YUM)

Thai Turkey Salad (YUM)

I’m sure you can figure out from my very unofficial rating scale that YUM YUM YUM is best and BLAAAAARG is not good.

I’m enjoying the time I have to cook. Since all my classes are online this semester I feel like I have some free time. Or more likely, I’m just procrastinating school work. I try and study when Lulu is napping… and sometimes I’m successful. Sometimes.

In other news, Lulu popped her elbow out and I had to learn how to fix it for when it will, probably, happen again. Lulu is now 9 months and is 70% in all categories except cuteness, where she is 100% cute. Her hair is coming in more curly, as you can see by the pictures to your right. Our beautiful wood floors are inhibiting crawling, but she is slowly learning the butt-scoot to get where she wants – which is usually toward the cat.

Our life, as of late, isn’t too exciting. Despite the lack of excitement, I still can’t get to bed at a decent time. We will hopefully be adding some excitement to our life in the form of buying a car that gets better mpgs and doesn’t leak transmission fluid. Any and all tips and tricks to car buying will be appreciated!!




3 comments to Food Adventures and other occurances

  • Keara  says:

    I’ve heard that with some of these “cheat day” type plans, it helps a lot to keep a little notebook, then instead of eating something on a weekday just write it down. Like saying “not now, self, but later”

  • Jacqulyn Barrow  says:

    I am so impressed!

  • Brynley  says:

    love the curls!!! so cute. Send me some left overs. i really haven’t been into cooking this week. I love reading your blog it makes me laugh 🙂