Four Months

Four months and two days ago Lulu entered our lives. And I love her more than words can express. She is my light and happiness. All my hopes and dreams. My favorite part of any day. Her prescense fills me with a bursting kind of joy.

And I had no clue how encompassing it would be until she was in my life. I could sort of understand it, but not really understand in my heart- until she was here.

At first, after they cut her out of me and showed me her purply squished gooey screaming face, there was just a sense of surrealness. Then there was the sleep-deprived stupor that permeated my existence those first few weeks. There was the beautiful closeness of breastfeeding- of giving her the best thing I could make- literally.

Then there was awareness. She recognized me! Or at least recognized that she got food from me.

Then the smiles. The happiness. She smiles at me as she falls asleep. As she plays. First thing when she wakes up. In the middle of the night when I pick her up to feed her. She smiles a big gummy beautiful smile.

Then the laughter, short little giggles became full on belly laughs. I’m addicted to baby laughter. I try and pry those laughs out of her every chance I get.

It so much fun to see her awareness grow. She follows me around with her eyes. Watches what I eat. Stops eating and looks around when she hears Viddy’s voice. Watches the kitten wander around and today, for the first time, reached out to pet, feel, or smack the cat. Can’t tell which one.

Her very existence makes me happier than I could have imagined.

Lulu can't stay still long enough for a picture.



















Today was Lulu’s for month doctor’s visit. She got shots. She was very unhappy about it.
She has stalled a little bit on her weight. She went from the 75th percentile 2 months ago to the 25th. So we get to go back to the doctor in 3 weeks and do another weight check. This weekend is going to be a increase-my-milk-supply weekend. Hopefully it will work. Fingers crossed. I started taking fenugreek. And now I’m burping maple syrup flavor. WEIRD.

2 comments to Four Months

  • Marcia Marshall  says:

    i have had milk supply issues in the past too, and Dr. prescribed REglan. It’s a drug for digestion, but has side effect of causing increased milk production so they prescribe it for that. maybe you’ve heard of it. It didn’t agree with me — made me so loopy-headed I couldn’t stand it. But I know others it has worked for. My sis in law took it for months so she could keep nursing. Some people can take it for 2 weeks and then supply is back up and running. Good luck 🙂

  • britt@knewlywifed  says:

    Happy 4 months! It’s crazy, like you said, you don’t comprehend how much they mean to you until they are here. My son is in the 20th percentile for weight, he dropped around the 4 month mark, too!