Going Gluten Free…Mostly

Many people have asked me if it has been hard switching to a gluten free lifestyle.  In fact, I asked myself that very same question on our first date when I picked a restaurant specifically based upon its ability to cater to her dietary needs.  She was ordering chicken marsala and I was ordering a pick fat plate of spaghetti.  The first thought that occurred to me as I dove into the sumptuous gluten-ridden dish, could I give this up?  Could I give up the grain that had given me so much over the years?  The grain that had been to every family dinner and every family picnic.  The grain that had been there with me on my trip to Europe, to my life in Chile, to college at BYU, and home here in VA.  Could I do it?

Have you seen Stephanie?  Of course, for this rockin’ beauty it was never a problem.  Making the switch has required some alterations in my diet.  I find three to four nights out of the week I’m eating something that could be described as mexican or asian fusion.  However, this is easily offset by the fact that I can kiss my fair fiance anytime I’d like without fear of intestinal reprisals.  So, for me, choosing to not eat gluten when I’m around Stephanie has been an easy choice.  While I’m at work or on business trips I’ll indulge the occasional urge to get wheated and brush my teeth after, but most of the time its some derivation of corn or rice as a carb staple.  Now, if it had been peanut butter, that might have been a problem.  Because giving up peanut butter might have been a deal breaker.  Probably not, but I would cry.  Seriously, big weepy, runny nose, bambi’s Mom getting killed kind of tears.  Gluten-free, easier choice.

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