Halloween … thank you Target

This post is dedicated to Target. A wondrous place of joy and time-saving supplies.

It’s not officially Halloween, but we did go out to our Ward Trunk or Treat and I tried to introduce Lulu to the wonders of FREE CANDY.

Due to my master’s paper writing schedule ((read: all the time)) I didn’t really have much free time to put together costumes. So, after proposing a few ideas to Viddy, we decided on a circus theme. Lulu got a costume from Costco a few weeks back, a few black balloons, duct tape, and a tutu later – CIRCUS!

I went as a tight-rope walker. I got a tutu from the children’s section – it was a large in the children’s section. I know what ya’ll are thinking. You’re sooo lucky to be so skinny. Well. 1) I thank my thyroid disorder for making me skinnier and 2) That tutu took a lot of pulling and shimming and tugging and Viddy’s help to get into that thing, as well as a few popped seams.

Viddy went as a strong man. Complete with muscles from balloons, and a barbell from a white wrapping paper tube and black balloons.

Lulu was the cutest, of course. She loved being an elephant – although she refused to do her elephant noise in the crowds of the trunk or treat. I tried to take her trick or treating. She’s not really into holding my hand and walking around. And she didn’t understand the candy thing. She love’s sweets, but it never clicked that all these people were giving her chocolate or tootsie rolls or lollipops. The little bit of candy I got (I mean that Lulu got) she wasn’t really into. She was more interested in running up and down the side-walk ramp and waving at people. And she may have at one point licked the cement.

All in all, it was a good Halloween activity. Good food, friends, and costumes.


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One comment to Halloween … thank you Target

  • Kim Carlile  says:

    You guys looked great. And seriously, I’ll say it again…the barbell was a hit!