Happy Birthday!

Little Miss Lulu was born Memorial Day weekend!

Summary: I wanted to go into labor. I ate some spicy food. My water broke at 5 something in the morning. I ate breakfast. I went to the hospital – and little Miss trouble maker was breech (bum down, instead of head down…). We watched episodes of Lost while we waited for the c-section. She was born at 3.51 in the afternoon!

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I joked with Viddy that I practically willed her to come when she did. It would be perfect. He would have a 3 day weekend and then a shortened work week. He could take some time off and then work from home half days and then we’d have another weekend. Since he hasn’t worked at his company long enough to get paternity leave – it would be great, right?

Well, on Thursday I went to my regular appointment and was told the good news that I was dilating! And my baby was very low and (note this) HEAD DOWN – as in NOT BREECH. It didn’t necessarily mean that I was going into labor that weekend -but it was good news. I had been contracting on and off for about a week – so I was hopeful that maybe I could possibly go into labor early (but I tried to keep that to myself – so I didn’t jinx it). And they let me schedule my induction for one week past my due date, just in case I made it that far.

That day I got a lot of cleaning done, organized Lulu’s room, had a nice burst of energy. Viddy and I went on a date night – ate at P.F. Changs, walked around the mall. I was mildly contracting -but nothing consistent or terribly uncomfortable. We went home and that was that.

Because of the pregnancy + bladder incompatibility I get up to the bathroom A LOT in the middle of the night. Around 5.30 AM I got up for the 4th or 5th time, and like usual before I got back into bed I stood by the bed and drank some water. Viddy woke up like he does sometimes and asked me something. And then – GOOOOOOSH. My water broke. Apparently I looked startled and Viddy asked if I had spilled water from my water bottle… And I told him what happened as I took the few steps to the bathroom so I didn’t leak more on our carpet – I know, gross, right?

Unlike TV, there was no freaking out, rushing around, or craziness. We had our hospital bag packed. When I called my nurse midwife she told me to shower, eat breakfast and then go to the hospital. So – that is exactly what I did. Scrambled eggs and some peaches for the road. And I showered … but it was hard to stay feeling clean when warm fluid is constantly leaking down my legs. Really hard to feel clean or even normal for that matter. Periodically I would have another goooosh of fluid that would soak through everything. Fun. I did discover that baby diapers work remarkably well to soak up leaking amniotic fluid. Those diapers are made to hold A LOT. Between the diapers and towels I made it to the hospital without ruining the seat in my car.

At the hospital they confirmed my water had broken or membrane had ruptured if you want to be technical. And as part of the routine admittance procedure the nurse midwife did an ultrasound.

Backtrack – the day before my baby was head down – the right way for a ‘normal’ delivery.

Back to the hospital – Little Miss Gymnast had flipped breech. My theory is that she had been flipping back and forth the entire pregnancy. I didn’t feel anything abnormal outside of what I usually feel. And I knew she had been transverse (side to side) on occasion. A breech baby delivered normally carries a lot of risks. So, my options for delivery quickly narrowed to only one that I and the entire medical staff would be OK with – c-section. But because I had eaten breakfast I had to wait at least 8 hours to have surgery.

I was soooo bugged. Really REALLY bugged.  It’s like Little Lulu said, “Fine, you want me to come early – here I am! Oh and by the way – I’m coming out my way. So there.”

Viddy and I sat. We called the family and let them know. We watched an episode or two of Lost. We talked. I made my peace (kind of) with the fact that I was going to have major surgery. While awake.

About two hours before the c-section I started to actually go into labor. Hard, uncomfortable, painful, regular, long contractions. If I had been laboring ‘normally,’ I would have asked for an epidural. It was a long two hours. Part of me is glad to know that my body works and that I can go into labor on my own. But it was a long, wet, gooshy, painful two hours.

I went back for the c-section. They gave me a spinal anesthetic. And it took THREE TIMES for them to get it to work. The first time they couldn’t get it in the right space. The second time didn’t numb me high enough for sugery (although it did give me relief from the contractions, thank goodness). The third one they flipped me on my side and redid it and gave me even more medication. I was NUMB. Very Very Numb – which is good when, you know, someone is going do surgery on you when you’re awake.

Viddy came in after I was numb and draped for surgery. I couldn’t feel anything except for a weird sort of mild pressure. About 5 minutes after they started I heard my baby girl cry. They showed her to me over the drape, all purple and gooey and screaming and then took her to a warmer a few feet away and Viddy and I watched her get clean. I cried. They wrapped my sweet girl up and handed her to Viddy. I got to watch my husband hold my baby while they finished the surgery.

Her birth wasn’t what I planned or expected. But my sweet baby girl is here. And she breastfeeds great – I think that was her gift to me since she flipped in-utero.

She smiles in her sleep. She has Viddy’s hands and feet. She has my cheeks. She loves being swaddled and held. We love her and are very very glad she’s here and healthy.



4 comments to Happy Birthday!

  • Jamie  says:

    Oh uterus, I’m tearing up.
    I’m so glad you’re all safe. She’s beautiful! I’m so excited for your family.

  • Vanessa  says:

    She is so very beautiful and I am so happy that everything turned out well. I know a c-section is definitely not “plan A” but in the end, if she is okay and you are okay it is all worth it, isn’t it? I hope that you are healing well and starting to feel more normal at this point. Keep posting pictures, I can’t wait to see more!

  • MeleaBird  says:

    So glad you have your little girl now. She is so cute and I absolutely love her name. So beautiful!

  • Rochelle  says:

    Congratulations! This is belated I know; I guess I haven’t checked blogs for a while. So happy your sweet girl is here despite things not going the way you planned for delivery. She is lovely!