Happy Half Birthday!

Well, that went by fast. 

The advice I usually give to first time mom’s is just to remind them that in the first year, you have a different baby every few months- the challenges are different, their likes and dislikes are different, their sleep and nap cycles are different.

But there is a wonderful thing that happens somewhere between 4-6 months, where a baby gets a nap schedule and becomes predictable. And Ezra is there. And it is wonderful. Except when you realize that some things won’t ever be the same, then it’s kind of sad. I know his sweet gummy smile will have a tooth or two in the next few months- boo!

He naps regularly. He goes to sleep when we lay him in his crib (usually). He eats predictably. 

Ezra went from the 80th percentile in weight to the 40th- because we won’t stop moving! Crawling and trying to pull up! This kid is determined to get places. He’s still long- 80th percentile for length- so he’s wearing 9-12 month clothes.

His favorite person is Sabrina, followed by Dave and I. He loves to chew on all the things- not because he’s teething, just because his mouth is his primary sensory mechanism. And everything must be explored- cats, carpet, books, toys, toes, fingers, clothing….. 

Ezra enjoys being fed. He’s not a big fan of puréed pees and green beans…. Not like I blame him. But rice cereal, fruit, and sweet potatoe are all a go. He’s not quite ready for non-puréed foods yet. We tried giving him a puff today he just coughed it out and made faces. I tried to give him a mum-mum (dissolvable rice stick thing) and he proceeded to smash it to pieces on his tray (foreshadowing how his 1st birthday cake will go?)

He really is a good baby, easy to please, loves his pacifier, loves his people. I’m sure his happy determination to get places is going to be…. interesting as he gets more mobile. 


Winning while babywearing at church

2 comments to Happy Half Birthday!

  • Bryce  says:

    Goodness he’s a darling little fella. That smile is going to take him places.

  • Tyrone Brown  says:

    So sweet! I love little predictable napping babies!