How I ended up in Labor and Delivery…. earlier than planned

Wednesday began like any other wednesday. I was STILL recovering from jet lag from my super awesome fun crazy wedding weekend in Utah. Yes, the Humanitarian Major got married. So of course I had to go. And then I made sure I was there long enough to see a bunch of friends. And then I had a red eye flight back and played the game “don’t get kankles” rather unsuccessfully. (By the way, kankles, as defined by Urban dictionary, is where one’s calf turns into a foot without taking an ankle break).


Where was I? Oh yes, Labor and Delivery and how I ended up there.

Wednesday morning I noticed something strange. Something I haven’t felt in many months – what felt like early cramps. And my tummy seemed unusually tight sometimes. So I did what any good nurse would do – I ignored it. I studied, went to class, and took a test. I started drinking a TON of water and consequently peeing a TON, just in case I was dehydrated and that’s why I was cramping.

And it never went away.

So I called the nurse at the OB office. She said to drink lots of water (check) and go home and lie down and if it doesn’t get better to call the on call person. At this point the husband was on his way home too. I informed him of what was going on. Drove home. Parked myself on the couch. And then downloaded a contraction app for my iphone. Yes, there IS an app for that. Lots of apps actually. I got one of the free ones.

Viddy and I watched a couple of shows on Hulu. Community and Parenthood. Viddy made dinner. I sat on the couch hitting the ‘stop’ and ‘start’ button on my new app. The (very mild) contractions were 6-10 minutes apart (we’re talking like a 2-3 on the pain scale). But I am 30 weeks and my contractions are supposed to be a 0 on the pain scale. So I called the on call nurse midwife. She told me to take a hot bath and call her back if that didn’t help.

It didn’t help. But the bath sure felt nice.

So I called her again and she told me to come in to the hospital. I should point out that Viddy and I had started the show White Collar and I just kept timing the (mild) contractions and putting off calling until Viddy turned off the show and made me do it. I knew what was going to happen if I went to the hospital (perk or not so perk about my job experience) and I didn’t want to go.

Viddy made jokes about needing to stop at Target if Lulu was born that night, since all we have is a car seat and a random assortment of diapers and clothing. And I made some jokes about not needing a tour of the hospital since we could count this experience.

We drove to the hospital. Said a prayer for good measure on the drive down. Pretty sure the phrase “Please let this baby stay in and incubate longer” was said. Got to the hospital. Chatted it up with the security guys. We had the chance to park the car in Stork Parking (that’s seriously what it’s called) but it was cheaper to park in the regular parking… go figure. We learned that to use the Stork Parking you have to pay the valet $10 up front, in cash – neither Viddy or I usually carry cash. Lame. But we noted it for the future when I’m possibly really in labor and we can just throw 10 bucks at the valet guys and go up to Labor and Delivery.

I got monitored. They made me pee in a cup. My cervix got checked (ouch) and they did a FFN test. Lulu had the hiccups (which she does a lot nowadays) and she kept kicking the ultrasound and toco monitors. She was as perfect as could be according to her heart rate. My uterus was irritable – mildly contracting on and off. But I was not dilated! (phew) and the UA and FFN came back negative. Woo! While waiting for test results to come back, I explained all the squiggle lines on the monitor and all the tests to Viddy. I chatted with the nurse and she said they are hiring if I wanted a job. Viddy and I watched 30 Rock on Netflicks. And then they sent me home. It was 2 am.

The good news is that my baby is not going to be born early – at least not this early. And I doubt she’ll be early at all. Apparently, my uterus just likes to play tricks on me and be irritable and contract. Or possibly my uterus just got fed up with being beaten up by my active child.

Viddy and I had fun, made jokes, laughed, and figured out the the things we’d need when I’m at the hospital really laboring – like phone chargers and cash. I’m glad that between the two of us we can stay calm and even laugh through potentially anxiety-inducing situations.

As of right now – no consistent contractions. Just me and my (now somewhat calmer) uterus blogging. I think I’m going to take a nap.




P.S. Additional proof that my child is still in utero (the look-how-far-my-belly-is-from-the-steering-wheel picture):











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3 comments to How I ended up in Labor and Delivery…. earlier than planned

  • Angie  says:

    Ok, listen Lulu, I haven’t had time to finish your blanket yet, so you and I are going to have to work together on this one. I’ll work a little faster, and YOU work a little slower. See you in three months. 😉

    <3 you!

  • Vanessa  says:

    I am glad that everything is okay. I had such a great time seeing you again! I hope that your uterus stops playing practical jokes on you and that Miss Lulu stays for at least another 8 weeks 🙂

  • Kim Carlile  says:

    Glad all is okay!! What hospital are you delivering at? We’ve never had to pay for parking for our babies before!