Judge Less, Be Civil More

I love this video. It’s an excellent reminder of how we can make a difference. It doesn’t cost anything to be nice.

I need to be better about judging others. I always see people in need on the roads, begging for money, food, work. Sometimes I get cynical and wonder if they really need it. Sometimes I blame their own laziness. Sometimes I wonder if I gave them anything if they would use it for drugs or alcohol. Sometimes I feel guilty for not rolling down my window and helping with the pocket change or few dollar bills I carry with me.

I feel very blessed to have a home. To be going to graduate school. For my home to still be standing after all the tornado destruction these past couple of weeks. I have much to be thankful for. So whenever I see someone homeless I wonder if I should do anything to help. There are many charities and resources for those who are homeless, but do those people I see know about them? I don’t know. I heard of a man who kept $5 worth of McDonald’s $1 coupons in his wallet to give to people he sees who are homeless. I like that idea. Giving them money to get food without worrying about what they can spend it on.

Regardless of what we choose to do to help, or where we choose to donate, we can always be nice to people. We can never know their inner struggles, their stories, why they are the way they are. Only Heavenly Father knows. Our main obligation as human beings is to be civil and kind to one another.