We already celebrated Valentine’s Day/Love Day/Smooching Day/over-priced-cards-and-flowers-Day.

On Saturday we did Yard Work. Well, Mr. Husband did yard work. I did homework and supervised. And then we cleaned up and put on Not-Pajamas and went out to dinner. The Melting Pot. YUMMMMMM. It’s the second time we’ve been in the last 2 years and I whole heartedly recommend it. It’s not exactly what you would call “Easy on your pocketbook” BUT for a special treat it’s fun and romantic and DELICIOUS. And they are Gluten-Free Friendly. Happy food for meeeeeeeee!

Then we went and got a Red Box movie… that we still haven’t returned. I have a love/hate relationship with redbox. Love how cheap it is, hate how I can never remember to return the movie until we’ve spent more than $5. FacePalm.


Today I’m thinking about LoooooooooooOOOOOoooove. But not in the romantic sense. I’ve been thinking about gratitude. Which, I guess, is a type of love. Of Life-Love.

This past week threw a few speed bumps in my direction. And I had to refocus my focus. What I thought my plans for school were, actually weren’t possible. And this made the type-A, busy, control-freak part of me a little irritated and frustrated and unhappy. And I had to make peace with the change. And it may have taken some grumbling and complaining and maybe  wanting to yell at people – but I didn’t yell. The end result isn’t bad. The good news is that I’ll have the whole summer to just be with my new babygirl. I’m going to graduate later than I wanted and I had to change my emphasis (bad news). But I’ll deal with that. Life goes on. And I’m sure everything is working out exactly how it’s supposed to. And I’m very glad I have my entire summer to adjust from me-wife-gradstudent to me-mom-wife-gradstudent.

So…. therefore…. Gratitude.

I’m grateful for my house that I still need to unpack and decorate.

I’m grateful for my screened-in-porch and the many plants I hope to grow there.

I’m grateful that there are patches of grass that are growing in my yard even though it’s the wrong kind of grass.

… for the ultrasound pictures on my fridge and the kicks and blips and my inability to fit into normal pants that all reminds me my babygirl is doing just what she’s supposed to be doing – kicking my appendix or bladder, and growing.

… for the five year old boys in the sunday school class we teach and what they teach me: There’s nothing wrong with blatant honesty and if you don’t know something, just ask. And a simple sheet of paper (like life) can be anything you want it to be from an airplane to a telescope to a coloring page. And the answer to all questions is somehow related to “Lego Star Wars” or the Wii.

… for the opportunity I have to be in graduate school and to learn more about the amazing human body and how I can help people as a Nurse Practitioner.

… for my camelback water bottle (filled with filtered water) that is with me ALL the TIME.

… for my husband and that he thinks I’m beautiful and loves me even when I just wake up and my hair’s frizzed out and I’m taking up 90% of the bed.  And I’m grateful for how well he takes care of me. I am so incredibly glad I am that we met and dated and married. My life has been much richer because of our relationship. And my life has been much more entertaining, too.

I’m just all around grateful for life – there so so much beauty and happiness. Even amid the craziness and speedbumps. There is always a hundred things to be thankful for.

Happy Valentine’s Day. I hope it’s filled with an excess of love for your own life and all the blessings and opportunities in it.

3 comments to Life-Love

  • Brynley  says:

    I just love reading your blog. It always makes me smile. I’m glad you will have a little time with your little baby girl. =) if you ever want to stop by in Vegas we would be happy to have you.

  • Harmony  says:

    we should all be so grateful.

    you are so funny. i love that you said “FacePalm”.

    you rock

  • Jordan  says:

    Great update!