Love and Hate: 15 month edition


1. Books. She loves all books, and she wants them read to her over and over and over and over and over again. I’m glad she has a love of reading – I just wish she would choose the less annoying books to want to read repeatedly. Sometimes books may “disapear” for a little bit just to get it out of her eyesight. Her favorites books right now are: Spot’s Opposites, Take Me to the Zoo, Moo Baa LaLaLa, and My First Spanish Words. (Viddy likes to make fun of me when I read the Spanish word book because I completely butcher the language, usually I just tell her what the picture is in English to save myself from pronouncing things wrong).

2. Animals Sounds. Lulu is an animal sounds sponge. I’ve had to get kind of creative with some animals – like the starfish, zebra, and crab. Animal sounds Lulu knows: cat, dog, duck, rooster, monkey, cow, sheep, horse, elephant, pig, penguin, fish, crab, starfish, tiger – lion – dinosaur (roar), bee, bird, camel (spit spit). And she knows the sounds for car and train. I’m trying to teach her the sound babies’ make is “Waaaah.” Just to clarify how you make some of these sounds – Zebra is “Zzz Zzz Zzz,” Crab is opening and closing your hands like claws, and Starfish (this is good) is done by looking at the open palm of your hand and then hitting yourself in the face (GENTLY) as in the starfish uses its sticky limbs to attach itself.

4. Popcorn Popping on the Apricot Tree. She knows all the hand signs and says “opp or” for popcorn. It’s adorable. And that is the song she wants me and/or Viddy to sing over and over and over and over. Although as second best she will settle for “Old McDonald had a Farm,” and she knows the “EIEIO” part.

5. Mamma. I am her favorite person, even though she uses “da da” as a generic term for Parent. Viddy does take a close second and is moving up to equal footing. In the last week she just started to be a little more possesive of Viddy. But she still loses her mind, like someone is ripping her arm off, if I walk away and leave her even if she is with her dad. No worries, I can be replaced with a good toy, some lotion on her hands, or a snack until she sees me again.

Runners Up: Teddy, Baby Bel cheese, mamma’s purse, Blanket, her stuffed monkey doll, shoes, food except for asian, anything sweet, and flavored water


1. Mamma leaving. See #5.

2. Affection. Anytime Viddy hugs, tickles, touches, leans on, kisses, or holds hands with me then WATCH OUT. Here comes PDA patrol Lulu out to sign “Stop Stop Stop Stop” and intervene as much as possible by pushing or hitting or making noise. If we’re hugging then she wants to be lifted up and wants a group hug. Anything else is not acceptable and will result in lots of signing “Stop.”

3. Not being held while there is cooking happening. Lulu insists that she MUST be held if something, ANYTHING, is going on on top of the counter where she can’t see. She reaches her arms out and whines and whines and says “Uh Uh” for “Up.” The parent cooking just has about a 50% chance that the other parent will be able to distract the determined toddler.

4. Not Getting Mamma’s iPhone. Oh the wailing and crying and tantrumming that occurs. Sometimes I let her carry my phone around, sometimes we even listen to music, and yes – it is a powerful tool for distraction when needed. But I do let her know that it is MY phone and she doesn’t get it all the time when she wants. And she LOUDLY protests. Life is hard when you are 15 months.

Runners Up: Gates, Cupboard Locks, Asian spiced food, hair clips in hair, anytime another child is sitting on Mamma’s or Dadda’s lap, and Mamma trying to hold Lulu’s hand


Talking and Signing: Lulu does pretty well signing. “More” is her favorite sign and can be interpreted to mean more, help, now, this, that, please, take this, again, and want. Her other signs include: cow, pig, bird, help, stop, out, car, milk, eat, sleep, book, ouch, shoe, tree, water, and up. Some of these are hybrid talking/signing words like: bird, out, ouch, stop, water and up. And she can say: belly button, again, Teddy, kitty, apple, happy, diaper, and Dadda. Lulu likes to have conversations with us. I have no idea what she is saying, but she will happily babble Lulu talk at us and we’ll talk back.

Milestones: around 13 months she started to walk and is an unstoppable force of reaching and moving. She does like coloring (thank you Color Wonder), puzzles, and putting on her shoes. She recently figured out how to take off her diaper but we keep pants of some sort on her all the time so she doesn’t get any ideas.

Lulu is learning and learning and learning. She is quite the little sponge. She loves Ms. L who watches her while I am at school or clinical and we are looking forward to Nursery (first Sunday of December)!! Lulu is doing great in every way. She has tapered off a little bit on growth and hasn’t gained much since her 12 month appointment, but her head keeps going up in percentiles. Her head is about 98%. Otherwise she is in the 80’s %ile for weight and height.

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  • Sarah Tomoser Walker  says:

    I love being able to hear how you and your little family are doing! Lulu is adorable!