Love and Hate: 8 month edition

Lulu is growing and showing more and more of her personality. She has also been quite clear about what she likes and doesn’t like.

Technically, she’s not 8 months for another week. But I say it’s close enough for this post.


Love, or Obsession

1. Teddy – unfortunately for our fluffy feline, Lulu LOVES him. If love translates into grabbing, pulling, and wanting to chomp on. Poor kitty. Lulu barrel rolls toward the kitty, reaches for the kitty, laughs whenever the kitty comes close. I won’t be surprised if her first word is some form of kitty. She sounds like she says “Geegee” or “Kiki” sometimes.

Lulu showing her 'love' for Teddy. Thankfully, Teddy puts up with it.


















2. Hair – as in pulling and trying to eat. My long curls are up in a ponytail 99% of the time, instead of the usual 89% of the time. Sundays, the day I regularly where my hair down, is troublesome. I have to hold the baby far enough away to keep some of my hair from being ripped out. I try not to react (even though it hurts!) so I don’t encourage her with my facial expressions.

3. Songs – She loves songs and music. Any kind. I find myself making up songs/noises with words. She just smiles and laughs. And, interestingly, she enjoys the opening music to all TV shows we watch.

4. My face. Again with the grabbing. And the little razor blade finger nails that grow way too fast. And the Ouch.

5. My water bottle. It’s a camelback, with a bite-valve. It’s my favorite. I take it with me everywhere. And, Lulu loves it. It’s the ultimate distractor. If Lulu is crying/fussy/irritable/unhappy in any way – I can give her my water bottle and she’ll be happy for at least 5 minutes. It’s completely worth sharing baby drool and colds.

















1. Wiping the Nose. No surprised there. I really don’t understand what is so tortuous about wiping noses – but it seems to be quite scary/painful/terrible for many babies.

3. Pureed Green Beans. She just gags. And whines. And I don’t blame her.

4. The terribly scary Vacuum Cleaner. The noise is apparently the most terrible that ever existed. Lulu never really cuddles with me or hugs me yet – but turn on the vacuum and she clings to me and buries her head in my shoulder and refuses to let go until the terrible noise is gone.

I set her down to switch laundry, and this is what happened.





















5. The terribly scary Food Processor. See #4.

Lulu’s personality is continuing to emerge. She’s very determined. Mostly happy. Energetic. Curious. And she has no hesitation about new things or new environments she just jumps in and looks for the something she can play with/chew on.

Happy baby and her cute rosy/eczema cheeks





















Lulu has no stranger danger reflex. She loves new people. She’ll smile and play peek-a-boo with anyone in the grocery store. She does have a little separation anxiety – but its not from me or Viddy. She just gets upset when anyone leaves her alone or walks away- she loves her audience.

Bath time is the best!!














As far as motor development goes – she’s doing pretty good. Sometimes I think she’s signing ‘milk.’ Usually when I sign ‘milk’, ‘up’, or ‘all done’ she just waves her arms around and gets happy. Lulu has zero interest in crawling. Zero. She’s happy to sit and throw her toys around. Or she’ll roll around the rug or blanket. She can pick food up from her tray, but she hasn’t quite figured out that she can put it in her mouth and eat it. Funny, since she puts EVERYTHING else in her mouth. I put a few yogurt melty drop things in front of her and she picks them up and drops them. Repeat. And when I hold a yogurt melty thing she tries to bring my hand to her mouth. Funny girl. She’ll figure it out soon enough and then I’ll need a splat mat.

The next edition of this oh so interesting Lulu series will probably be 12 months! EEK!

One comment to Love and Hate: 8 month edition

  • Amanda Duke  says:

    My nephew loves his kitty cats and I think his first word was kitty, which he pronounced “keeee!” Your daughter is adorable!