Love & Hate

Things Lulu Loves:

1) The stupid giraffes

On her pack-n-play there is a ‘mobile.’ And by mobile I mean 3 ugly giraffes velcroed to a bar that attaches to her pack-n-play. And they don’t even have the decency to have a full smile. The stitched on smile only goes halfways… And she adores them. They are a muted orange color. She can’t even see the spots from her view point. And yet she saves some of her biggest smiles in the morning for the waving giraffes. I even use them to distract her into falling asleep – if she’s crying and sees the giraffes moving – she calms right down and just stares at them. And don’t be deceived, the picture makes the giraffes look cuter than they are.





2) Baths

Screaming, crying, tired, angry baby. Put in bath = calm, happy, excited baby. Take out of bath. Return to screaming, tired, angry baby. And yes, her hair does look red in this picture. It sometimes looks red, blond, and brown, depending on the lighting, colors, angle of the moon, etc. Her hair color is TBA.









3) Funny noises

How can I get her to smile? By making all sorts of weird noises. Similar to vocal exercises before choir practice. It’s a guarunteed win.

Things Lulu hates:

1) The carseat
















I think its a combination of the heat in the car and the straps. She can scream and scream and scream and scream and scream….. Oh the fun. No matter how tired or full she was before going into the carseat – she uses all her energy to let me know how unhappy she is about the situation. For.The.Entire.Car.Trip. She starts to cry because she’s hot and then the crying makes her sweatier and that makes her more unhappy and she cries harder…… and it goes on and on. Unless someone is in the backseat with her to shake the carseat or let her chew on her binky.

2) Tummy Time

She lasts maybe a minute. Maybe. But I’m not worried about her muscle development. She spends every waking moment kicking.

I should get some pictures of her hollering it out during tummy time or in her carseat. You know for leverage, I mean, for posterity.