Lulu’s First Day of School

The first day of school is so important to document.

The Very Important First Day of School Outfit, complete with binkie















The backpack. School Supplies. So much learning and growth.

We decided that since Lulu is incredibly advanced and pretty much the smartest baby ever, we’re skipping the regular school and going straight to 2nd year graduate school.


Ok. So, my babysitting plans got a little side railed and Lulu went to class with me.

Question: How many hands do you need to carry a baby, diaper bag, backpack and stroller?

Answer: More than you’re born with.

I couldn’t take the stroller on the bus with the baby in it. But I needed the stroller for Lulu while I was bee-bopping around to class. And my backpack keeps my computer and school stuff. And the diaper bag had all the baby emergency essentials (and it was needed – Lulu hadn’t poo’d in over 30 hours…. I knew it was going to be A BIG ONE. And the laws of the universe would determine that to happen right in the middle of class…….) Oh and UNC  has NO PARKING ON CAMPUS. Well, there is parking – but it’s expensive. Like $500/semester. So, again, UNC has no parking. So I park and ride a bus. And the bus drops me off right in front of my building.

Anyway. I literally could not have made it to class or back from class without the kindness of strangers. Seriously. People helped keep my stroller from flopping around and maiming someone. People helped me carry the stroller on and off the bus. Pretty much, if it wasn’t for the stroller I could have managed on my own…. but I needed that stroller.

The class went pretty smoothly. I nursed Lulu at the beginning of class. She played in her stroller for awhile. Then she attempted an Epic Diaper Mess. Then she was tired and cried and fought sleep for 20 minutes and I had to take her outside so she could scream without disrupting the entire building. And then she slept the second half of class. And was awake and happy for my meeting with my advisor. So, I was able to pay attention for 50% of the class. Which is pretty normal for me anyway…

Tons of people oooooo’d and awwwww’d over Lulu. She just stared back, like, who in the crazy are all these people. Funniest moment of the day, in an elevator: Lady 1: Awwwwwww, what a cute baby! Is it a boy or girl? Lady 2: Ummmm. Do you see her outfit?? It’s all PINK. Lady 1: Well, you never know with people these days. Me: Girl. Definitely a girl…. (What I should have said is: I don’t know. My husband and I didn’t want the doctor to tell us.)

Interestingly – Lulu LOVED riding the bus. She was happy to sit on my lap and look around. Totally content and happy.

I would consider her first day of school successful. She got to see lots of new things, but mostly play in her stroller with a few toys and sleep. She definitely got the better end of the deal.

What? I get to sit here and play and you have to tote me and this stroller and all this stuff around and then pay attention in class for hours? You got the short end of that stick.

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  • Vanessa  says:

    Ahhhh! She just has the most darling little face! I adore her cheeks and eyes. I love the outfit too. My goodness it sounds like you had quite the adventure. I am impressed that you pulled it off, my dear friend! And bless those kind people who decided to help you instead of just watching you try to do it on your own! I love kind strangers!