Lulu’s Milestones

Almost 10 months and our very active, happy baby is happily doing everything she’s supposed to do.

Crawling: About a week ago Lulu started to inchworm places. She would bring up her knees and propel herself forward – stopping herself from face planting with her hands. And then she does it again and again and again. And sure enough, she slowly gets where she wants. Today she figured out the alternating hands/knees crawl. And then I took a moment and looked around and realized that I need to BABYPROOF. I’m seeing my house in a whole new light – I’m seeing every single safety hazard! AHHHHH! Other than cupboard locks, baby gates, and outlet covers – any other suggestions??

















She also loves to stand and pivot back and forth from parent to toy. Cruising and walking are coming soon. I’m excited for her and I’m sure I’ll get more exercise running around my house chasing Lulu.

Eating: Baby food is no longer in my house. All that pureed jars and such is no more! Lulu is eating 100% table food. Thank goodness. And thank goodness for my splat mat. All the peas, black beans, chicken, ground beef, eggs, bread, cantaloupe, kiwi, etc are all over the place – and my dog-like cat gets an extra meal from it. Lulu is very entertained by taking her food and dropping in off her tray…. not because she’s done eating, just because she wants to…

Talking: Sometimes I think she tries to say Kitty – it comes out “GEEEGEEEEE”. Viddy doesn’t think she’s saying it. Her favorite ‘words’ are “BREE BREE BREE BREE” and “YA YA YA YA YA YA.” Although her verbal words are up for debate she does sign “All Done,” “Up,” and “Milk” – milk is hit or miss, she knows how to do it, but she signs it about 30%. We are working on “sleep,” “home,” “cat,” “eat,” “water,” and “clean.”

Sippy Cup: Hallelujah! After trying every sippy cup that Target offers and a few others – she takes a sippy cup. Kind of. As in, she drinks from it. And then it becomes more entertaining to bang it around and chew on the bottom. Her favorite sippy cup is the kid Camelback.

Books: Lulu LOVES her books. LOVES. And she has preferences. Animals are a must and lift flaps are ideal. And she really likes most Sandra Boynton books. Whenever I pull out a book she really likes she just giggles and waves her arms until I start reading. And she likes to chew on the books. Now that she has two top teeth she can scrape the books – some of the books have Lulu chew marks, they match the chew marks on my arms…

(the following is supposed to be a video of my cute baby clapping her hands… hopefully it works…)


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