M&Ms and Adele


Screaming like someone is ripping your leg off when all the nice doctor is trying to do is get an ultrasound of your hip just isn’t working. Two months ago, during the weekend from heck, you had a lumbar puncture done and you didn’t scream this much. You refused your pacifier. And then, after it was all done, you didn’t even want to nurse. You just kept screaming.  I really can’t handle all the screaming, especially since you decided to be awake every 2-3 hours last night wanting to eat.

I get it – it’s uncomfortable. But you should really save your good screaming for when needles are involved. Or for when someone is trying to abduct you. For the sweet love.

-Your Momma

(The ultrasound was part of a routine screening process to check for hip dysplasia, since she was a breech baby – and everything came back normal.)

Lulu is currently staring up at the ceiling fan. I turn it on for a second and then turn it off and just let it spin, slow enough that she can see it. It’s the third most interesting thing to her. Number 1 is her feet, then her hands, and then the fan.

I’m de-stressing with M&Ms and Adele. Hopefully next will be a nap, for everyone. The cat is asleep on the baby blanket I put on the floor for TummyTime… Lulu will soon be asleep in her swing. And then – my turn!

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  • Vanessa  says:

    Steph, I feel for you! I am glad that the ultrasound came back with good results and I hope that things got better for you quickly and that you got a nap. I hope you guys are doing well!