My name is Snow, Snowmagedden Snow

So here’s the thing. My earliest memories are in Virginia Beach. Nice temperate weather. When it dusted snow once every few years all the kids in the neighborhood would take all the snow from all the yards and make a foot tall snow man. And school would shut down for the next week.

Then I moved to Michigan. My first winter in Michigan I was walking to my bus stop in knee deep snow. And I had this classic teenage brilliant idea to jump as far as I could into the snow in my deck, so I could see exactly how far the snow came up on my legs… And I had my backpack on. I didn’t really account for the slippery-ness and the center of gravity issue. The end result was me slipping forward, landing hard on my back, having the wind knocked out of me, and being covered in snow. Nice, brilliant show of teenage genius. Any way, Snow Days didn’t really happen Michigan. And when I went to college in Utah, again, snow days didn’t happen. Granted, campus was an icy death trap, but you were still expected to walk up the crazy icy death trap hill to class.

I don’t really like snow. Not really. Ok, not at all. I mean, don’t get me wrong, It’s pretty. It makes nice post cards. Great. HOWEVER, Driving in it? Scraping a ton of snow off the top of my car? Main roads not being plowed for days and days and days? Being forced to stay the night on a craptastic stretcher (with a 4 inch mattress) with 12 other ladies in a small conference room, all being forced to stay the night at the hospital and being treated badly and talked to rudely by my administrators? Everyone freaking out and buying all the milk/eggs/chicken/soy sauce from the grocery store? Not so much fun, people, not so much.

But because I try to stay positive: here a few good things from Snowmagedden 2010:
1) Being snowed in with Dave
2) Hot Chocolate/Tea/Hot homemade bread
3) Reading lots of books
4) Movie nights/days
5) Pajamas, All the time
6) Getting my taxes done (thanks Government, for my money back! ‘Preciate!)
7) Finding (hopefully decent) high school theater playing West Side Story this weekend
8.) Reminding Dave over and over and over again that I refuse to live permanently anywhere the temperature is below 40 (Fahrenheit). If my future babies want to go see snow, we can go and VISIT snow. Visit, being the important word here.
9) Getting my invites done
10) Having HILARIOUS conversations with my family about the snow:              Aunt D: Your cousin wants it to snow.       Me: (sent her a picture of my car) Tell her she is more then welcome to come and dig out my car.         Aunt D: She (my cousin) is laughing. How’d you do that?       Me: How’d I do what? Get my car covered in snow? Well, when the weather gods need a laugh… this is what happens.         Aunt D: LOL, no silly, how’d you get the car uncovered?              Me: I have a fiance. And two snow shovels. You stick one in the snow and carry the snow somewhere else, then you do it again and again and again…

This is my view from the cafeteria at the hospital.

This is the view of the main driveway into the hospital, from the 3rd floor.

This is a stop light, notice the signal on the top right corner. Holy Snow Pile, Batman.

This is my cold, buried car. That I shoveled out. Ok, Dave and I shoveled it out. And the whole time I was cursing the snow and promising myself I would move. Hopefully to North Carolina. Soon. Side Note: When I showed my grandma this picture she said, “Oh, your poor cold car!” (Poor car? What about me? I had to shovel the thing out!! Ok, OK, we both did.)

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