One Hundred

In honor of the 100th blog post, here are 100 things you may not have known (or ever cared to know) about us.



1. Favorite Food: Tacos, pizza and anything with peanut butter

2. Favorite Color: Green

3. Favorite Destination: Wyoming or Dublin

4. He snores

5. He has watches all seven seasons of the West Wing at least 20 times

6. He’s watched Firefly at least 5 times

7. He has more clothes than Fannie, including a shirt he’s had since the 6th grade (It doesn’t really fit)

8. He has read almost all the Star Wars books

9. Viddy has eaten corn tortilla cheese quesadillas for 12 meals straight. Until Fannie intervened.

10. He goes to work in a t-shirt and basketball shorts. When he has to video conference he dresses nice from the waist up and does his hair

11. Viddy taught himself how to do graphic art using GIMP

12. In high school, he used to drive his friend’s car from the passenger seat while his friend did homework from the driver’s seat

13.  He can juggle. He learned how to juggle in high school, including with the metal balls from shot putting. And he used to use it to get people’s attention at trade shows

14. He went to Brussels for an internship in college. When he got off the plane he didn’t know French, didn’t have a place to live, and didn’t have any money in Euros. Somehow it still all worked out.

15. He was once lost in the woods for 3 hours…. During an orientering scout activity.

16.  He took 4th place in the northern Virginia regional shotput competition when he was 17 years old.

17. His secret wish is to be a stand-up comedian.

18. Viddy used to drink 8 Diet Cokes a day. And then Fannie intervened.

19. He LOVES to make people laugh. He tries out all his new material on Fannie and saves all his really good jokes for groups of people

20. Extrovert – He used to watch the popular kids in middle school, in a non-creepy way, and figure out what jokes they used why they were popular

21. He once met Vice President Dan Quayle with grass stains on his pants.

22. He usually does the dishes in the evenings

23. Viddy’s thumbs are double jointed

24. He doesn’t tell short stories. Ever. Every story is a long involved story, with lots of detail.

25. He didn’t like cats growing up. Then we got Teddy, and a year later it was Viddy’s idea to get a second cat.


1. Favorite Foods: Cheesecake, crème brulee, fresh fruit

2. Favorite Color: Green

3. Favorite destination: Any beach anywhere

4. I love going to new places. I loathe airports and air travel, it’s just so tedious.

5. I have dreams about amazing gas range stovetops

6. Once, when I was in high school, I thought one of the doors on my car was frozen shut (Michigan is cold) and got hot water and poured it on my door. Turns out the door was just locked.

7. I love my job as a nurse practitioner. But some people are just plain crazy and drive me crazy. I wish I had more psych training.

8. I miss being a labor and delivery nurse, holding new babies and helping new moms. I don’t miss the hours, being treated poorly by OBs, or being sprayed by bodily fluids.

9. I went to Space Camp when I was 12

10. Secretely, I want to sing in front of people or do something on stage. But the thought of singing in front of people makes me want to vomit

11. I took piano lessons for 2 years, played the viola for 5 years, sang in choirs and did voice lessons for 4 years. I hope to pick up my viola again this year and take a stab at learning a few songs on a ukulele

12. Viddy was the first guy I kissed, and I didn’t tell him that until a few weeks after.

13.  I read super, ridiculously fast. I taught myself to speed read in the 3rd grade, I’d time myself. My friends wouldn’t sit next to me in college during tests because I would always finish first.

14. I taught myself how to cut Viddy’s hair from YouTube

15. The two classes I legit failed in undergrad: Sharing the Gospel, and Marriage and Family. Oops.

16. When I was in high school I could just tell my dad I didn’t want to go to school. And then I stayed home. I never really abused it, my grades were fine.

17.  I’ve beaten all the levels on all forms of the game “Where’s My Water” on the iphone and ipad.

18.  I liked calculus. Stats deserves to be in Dante’s Inferno

19.  I’m a 3rd generation nurse. I have 2 aunts who are nurses. My dad’s a PA. My younger sister is planning on being a nurse. It’s in my DNA.

20.  I think I’m funnier when I write than when I’m talking to people.

21. Introvert – I used to be so shy, I would refuse to interact with people and just sit and read (ages 3-13). Even now I would rather sit by myself and read a book then do almost anything else.

22. I like herbal tea. Rooibos and Licorice Root are my favorites.

23. I love to cook, I love flavor and richness in food. I’m a little bit of a celiac food snob

24. My favorite form of exercise is yoga.

25. I get really, irrationally cranky when I haven’t eaten in a while. I can control it in public spaces and at work, but Viddy usually gets the full force of my irrational hangriness – Lulu seems to have inherited some of that.


1. Favorite foods: Pizza and Ice Cream

2. Favorite Color: Orange? Green? Red? or White?

3. Favorite Destination: The iPad or anywhere someone is giving her presents

4. She is a closeted chewer. She eats books, and her nails, and random crap on the floor (I thought kids grew out of that by this point?!)

5. A Lulu joke: “You’re a carrot!” Me: “No, I’m not a carrot, I’m your mom.” Lulu: “HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA”

6. She loves Mickey

7. Right now she’s in a phase where she is scared of things, shadows, dark, strange noises.

8. She has to nod her head to the beat when she hears music

9. Lulu will say hi to anyone. She had a full conversation with the grocer at Trader Joe’s about yogurt and the contents of our cart. She asks strangers to hold her hand (once while we we’re walking out of the bathroom.)

10. LEFTY! I’m 90% sure

11.  She is completely a mamma’s girl. Very very possesive. Not even the cats can sit on my lap without her getting upset.

12. Although she is possesive of me, going to nursery at church has never been a problem. From the moment she was old enough she just walked into the room with all the toys and snacks without a second look.

13. She has this persistent rash on her face, it’s a type of eczema. It comes and goes. We’ve seen all the doctors we can about it, some were more helpful then others. One of the excacerbating factors we discovered: she’s allergic to petroleum on her face – like Aquaphor and vasaline.  So we use some hippy, organic beeswax based goo we buy on Amazon. Between the beeswax and crazy expensive eczema cream we can control it. The allergist promised me it will go away when she’s 4-5 years old.

14. She could eat fruit for all meals for the entire meal if I let her

15. She likes prune juice and calls it “Brown Juice”

16. Digging in the ground is THE BEST THING EVER.

17.  She’s getting really good at trying to manipulate bedtime. She knows how to work both of us. How can I turn down “Mommy, just one more hug, please, Mommy?”

18. She loves animated TV, could take or leave Sesame Street, but enjoys Fraggle Rock.

19. Lulu has the bladder of a camel. Her record is 9 hours, during the day. `

20. She loves books. And just in the last few weeks will “read” books by herself. It’s adorable.

21. If you see her and her hair is in pretty ringlets and looks soft and perfectly curly, know that it takes me a lot of time to get the mass of crazy rat’s nest tangles out of her mane.

22. We used to keep her lotion under her bed. Until she found it and opened it one morning. Now we keep it in a drawer she can’t reach.

23. She’s known all her letters, upper and lower case and their sounds since she was about 18 months old. She learned them from a leap frog letterpad thing.

24. She does not like having socks on her feet. She loves having socks on her hands.

25. Lulu is remarkably polite. When she bumps into walls she tells the wall sorry. She is also encouraging: she tells me “Good Job!” when she sees me put on mascara, going to the bathroom, putting on clothes, or cooking.


2. When we need to decide who is going to do what, we let Rock-Paper-Scissors decide, or we play a game called “Whats the Distance?” And we decide on a city and guess how many miles it is and check it using our handy-dandy Apple products. Who ever is closest wins

2. Our cats, Teddy and Link, are Siberians. They have 1 inch fur on the bottom of their paws, since they’re made for cold weather and walking on snow – it makes for great entertainment when they are trying to run across our wood floors

3. We’re Doctor Who fans. We own 5 t-shirts and one special edition Yahtzee that prove it.

4. We’re big fans of YA dystopian fiction. Hunger Games, Divergent, Percy Jackson?, Maze Runner

5. Our cats are really good about not scratching and biting, unless Lulu is trying to force them down the stairs or use them as a pillow or drag them by the tail – all things she knows shes not supposed to do.

6. We had to recently replace the tires on our newest car. Because we forgot about the whole rotate the tires thing until it was too late.

7. The UPS truck driving either loves us because we keep him in business, or hates us because he is always coming to our house. WE LOVE AMAZON.

8. We bought this love seat on craigslist for our bedroom, to sit somewhere else other then the bed. It’s a great place for laundry.

9. When Viddy and I were dating, we cooked together a lot (we also ate out a lot), but all that together time really helped move our relationship along.

10.  We don’t have cable. We have AppleTV, Hulu, Netflicks and I don’t miss cable at all (except for Food Network).

11. Our house is 3 years old this month!

12. We have an elliptical and a heavy bag in our office. We don’t use them as much as we should.

13. We have a lot of tech in our house: iPhones, iPads, a computer hooked up to our TV, Kindles, Laptops.  We are definetly early adopters when it comes to technology.

14. Viddy will come home from work and complain about beaurocracy or difficulties with the projects he’s working on. I come home from work and complain about crazy people and the number of STDs I’ve diagnosed. Our work lives are VERY different.

15. We’ve watched Finding Nemo as a family 100,000 times. Or something like that.

16. We got a free pre-lit Christmas tree after Christmas. All because Viddy asked, “Can we get a buy one get one free?” And the cashier said, “OK.”

17. Viddy and I both would love to live abroad, somehow, one day

18. I have the most shoes, Viddy has the most t-shirts

19. We lived one block away from eachother at BYU, but we met in northern Virginia

20. We watched the entire series of Lost during the last few weeks of pregnancy with Lulu, and we continued to watch it during Labor and Delivery and Recovery. The hospital staff thought we were awesome.

21. On our honeymoon we decided it would be a great idea to drive to San Diego down Highway 1. It sounded like a great idea, but because of the all the construction it ended up being a 10-hour drive. Even picturesque gets boring after 5 hours.

22. Fanny’s entire shoe can fit in any of Viddy’s shoes

23. On roadtrips our favorite thing to do is talk and listen to This American Life podcast episodes

24. We eat Costco rotisserie chicken and pre-made salad once per week

25. It’s our tradition to watch Shark Tank on Saturdays as we’re putting away our groceries after shopping

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    And since you love Amazon so much…are you amazon prime members?? Cause they have all the food network shows (chopped, iron chef america, cupcake wars, throw down with bobby flay, diners, drive ins and dives, and others)

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    THis was fun to read! I didn’t know you played viola as well! Neat!