One Month

Ezra is 4 weeks today! He survived all the snow and snow events – like getting home from the hospital in another snowstorm and our power going out for 12 hours due to yet another snow/ice storm. Hopefully, the cold is behind us and spring will be here soon!


He has gone from 7 lbs 4 oz at birth to 10 lbs 6 oz. Apparently I don’t make milk, I make heavy cream. He eats every 3-4 hours, sometimes with a 4-5 hour stretch at night. He prefers to sleep flat and stretch his legs out, he doesn’t like the reclined newborn sleeper or having his legs swaddled up. He still gets swaddled at night to keep his arms from flaying about, but I don’t really swaddle him during the day and he does fine.

We’ve discovered that he’s very ticklish. He squirms when we tickle him on his sides, bottoms of his feet, and tummy. He’s much more ticklish than his sister was at the same age.

Ezra has a very calm temperament. He doesn’t get worked up very easily. But when he is upset, he calms down fast with some snuggles, pacifier, or being fed. Dave and I both feel like he’s going to be more introverted then his sister, time will tell if we’re right.

He has a solid double chin and is working on his arm and leg rolls and a third chin. He’ll grace us with a smile every so often – and the occasional sleep laugh. He took his first bottle this past week, he seemed confused until he realized it was giving him milk and then he was fine.


Sabrina loves her baby brother, unless he’s crying – then she covers her ears and tells me he’s crying too loud over and over. She enjoys giving him his pacifier, which he takes willingly. She’ll sing him songs and get close to him and talk to him. She has struggled some with mine and Dave’s attention being limited. And she has decided that my boppy pillow is the best toy that she desperately needs, especially while I’m using it.

Overall she’s adjusting well. I think when Ezra becomes more interactive in the next few months she’ll really start to enjoy being a big sister.

Recovery from a VBAC is much easier than a c/section. I’m not 100% yet, I’m still healing from some stitches that are more annoying than anything else, overall I feel pretty good. I don’t have any more pain. Breastfeeding doesn’t hurt anymore and Ezra does well with nursing.

Dave and I are trying to cope with sleep deprivation – the caffeine consumption has gone up considerably in our house. It could be worse, Ezra does sleep well at night – for a newborn that needs to eat every 3-4 hours. And he doesn’t cry much- just gives a squawk when he’s hungry, getting tired, or when we strap him into the car seat. There isn’t much that a snuggle and pacifier or feeding can’t fix for him.


2 comments to One Month

  • Amy M  says:

    Can’t wait to hold him again at the next book club meeting. I’m curious how Lulu’s baby pics compare with his – similar or not?

  • Tyrone Brown  says:

    so cute!