Conversations with a 2.75 year old

Driving into church yesterday:

Lulu: I got married.

Me and Viddy: Um…. to who?

Lulu: I got married at the temple with Mommy and Daddy.

Right after getting home from work:

Viddy: I’m going to go up stairs to change, you can stay down here.

Lulu: NO! I watch a show!!

Viddy: Yes, just sit down and watch your show.

Lulu: NO! I stand!

Viddy: Ok. you can stand.

Lulu: NO! I sit over here, Dad! I sit over here.

Viddy (backing up the stairs slowly): Ok. Ok.

While reading her “born” book (her shutterfly book I made right after she was born):

Lulu (pointing to Mimi (grandma)): Look! It’s my sister!

Me: Your sister??

Lulu: Just kidding, it’s Mimi.

Tonight at bedtime:

Lulu (pointing to the picture of Jesus): Jesus loves me?

Me: Yes, Jesus loves you, and Mommy and Daddy love you.

Lulu: I’m in Jesu...

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I opened the box…

I placed an Amazon order about two weeks ago. We’re getting a new mattress delivered and I ordered new sheets, a box spring anti-dustmite cover.

Oh. And some stuff for pregnancy. I was getting more nauseous. So I ordered some instant potatoes that are actually just potatoes. And some water flavoring things so that I could have some options other then lemon water.

I haven’t opened the box since it came, first it was because of laziness, and then stress, and then because I didn’t want to see it.

The mattress is being delivered tomorrow. I opened the box and I teared up as I carried the instant mashed potatoes to the food storage closet instead of to the pantry. Put all the sheets and such in the wash.

My pregnancy ended 6 days ago. I’m not nauseated anymore. I can stomach plain water again.

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Walking into the Justice Building

The doors of the county justice department are very heavy. When I reached out to pull open the tall, metal rimmed door, it took more strength then I had anticipated. And maybe it was just in my imagination, but I think they shut hard behind me, too.

I walked in, went through  security (by the time I was done with this week I would have gone through that security checkpoint 6 or 7 times in 4 days). I made my way up a few floors to the Jury Assembly room, checked in, got a parking pass, and began my week as a juror.

I didn’t want to do jury duty. I don’t have PTO. I could make twice as much as they paid me for the day, in an hour of work. Financially, it was definitely in my interest to be at work.

As luck would have it, I was randomly selected to go in a courtroom, and of the 40 people in...

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One Hundred

In honor of the 100th blog post, here are 100 things you may not have known (or ever cared to know) about us.


1. Favorite Food: Tacos, pizza and anything with peanut butter

2. Favorite Color: Green

3. Favorite Destination: Wyoming or Dublin

4. He snores

5. He has watches all seven seasons of the West Wing at least 20 times

6. He’s watched Firefly at least 5 times

7. He has more clothes than Fannie, including a shirt he’s had since the 6th grade (It doesn’t really fit)

8. He has read almost all the Star Wars books

9. Viddy has eaten corn tortilla cheese quesadillas for 12 meals straight. Until Fannie intervened.

10. He goes to work in a t-shirt and basketball shorts. When he has to video conference he dresses nice from the waist up and does his hair


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Christmas, in pictures, not in any sensical order

Stockings. Socks. Same thing.


Christmas tree and nativity

This is how it works, right?

Catching up with friends, the kids did great at the restaurant

Panda at the zoo

Lulu saw another kid sit on it, so she had to do it, too


Christmas morning is the BEST

Zoo! It was chilly.

Look, Mom! It’s mouth is open!

“I promise, I’m not going to hit you with this, Uncle J.”

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The start of 2014

I don’t have any formal goals for this year. Just some general goals to do more yoga and blog more.

Me, Lulu, and Aunt M crowded together in the back of the car, on the drive to Viddy’s family’s house

We just returned from a week vacation with Viddy’s family, both his grandpa’s, all his sisters and spouses. Lulu had a blast. Being the only greatgrand/grandchild around, she had plenty of people to entertain. There were dance parties with her aunts, a trip to the zoo, lots of candy and presents. A toddler’ s dream come true.

Nice? or Naughty?

Lulu definitely understood the whole present thing this year...

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Potty Training


The favorite rite of passage for all parents of toddlers. The end result is great, getting there is a pain.

My “favorite” highlights from potty training week:

The first afternoon of potty training I took off the diaper, brought in the froggy toddler potty and we read some potty books. I turned around to chop something for dinner and next thing I hear is, “Wet! Wet!” and Miss Lulu was sitting in a puddle of wet, splashing and rubbing it into the floors. I went to pick her up and take her to the potty and then clean her up, and when I bent down to pick her up she reached up and rubbed her urine coated hands all over my face. OHMYGOSH. Urine Facial = terrible. My plan of having a trial day of potty training was awful. Terrible idea...

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Lulu Turned Two!!! (in May…)

I know. I’m a blog slack-a-lot. I’m aware.

Any who.

About 8 weeks ago. Our little toddler turned TWO! We had the opportunity to celebrate twice. Once with our good friends and neighbors (well they WERE our neighbors until they LEFT us! Boo.). And then again in NoVa with Viddy’s parents and my father who was in town for a conference.

For the gathering here in NC, I made homemade funfetti cupcakes. Gluten Free, of course. I just added a vanilla pudding packet and sprinkles to my cupcake mix. Easy Breezy. Then I topped the cupcakes with green frosting and sprinkles and stuck dum-dums in them to be some kind of resemblance to truffula trees. From the movie The Lorax. Lulu is kind of obsessed with 2 movies – Finding Nemo and The Lorax. And Monsters, Inc., comes in 2nd.

I thought a Lorax theme...

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DIY Play Kitchen, from a reclaimed cabinet

My journey from reclaimed cabinet to play kitchen.Read More

Story Time

For bedtime, Lulu and I have a little routine. It involves reading books, singing songs, laying her in bed and then singing Baa Baa Black Sheep.

Tonight, as we were sitting in the rocking chair together I decided to tell her a story. So, I told her the super simplified version of Noah and the Ark.

Me: Can I tell you a story?

Lulu: Stor-eeeeeeee!

Me: This story is about a man named Noah.

Lulu: No Bah?

Me: God told Noah he had to gather animals.


Me: So, he found sheep.

Lulu: Baaaaaaaaaaah!

Me: and horses.

Lulu: Baaah!

Me: and zebras

Lulu: zeeeeeeeeeeeee

Me: and bees.

Lulu: Bee! (With the sign)

Me: and camels

Lulu: (spits)

Me: and fish (I know, I know, I just kept naming things, ok?)

Lulu: (fish face)

Me: and Noah put all the animals on a boat

Lulu: boooot!

Me: and then it ra...

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