Pink Overload

Pink is overtaking my life. Pink clothes. Pink shoes. Pink pacifiers.

I feel like all babygirl stuff is pink pink pink pinkalicious with a side of pink.

Some clothing isn’t all pink. But I have maybe two articles of baby girl clothing that don’t have pink somewhere!

Today I am saying no to pink. But then I am conflicted (it happens a lot, it’s because I’m a Gemini…. or am I??). When I go somewhere I want people to know Lulu is a little girl. And I want her to be dressed cute. And so many cute babygirl clothes are pink.

I don’t think Lulu has an opinion on the matter – so today I dressed her in what I wanted. A embroidered top, and navy blue leggings, brown bow. Notice, that the top still has pink, just limited. I’ll let her keep her pink pacifiers, I guess.

Lulu says: I don't care what I wear. Where is my binky?















If it was up to her, she would probably prefer to be naked.

Of course a diaper is on. Do you really think my mom would let me sit on her lap without a diaper??

2 comments to Pink Overload

  • emily  says:

    We still are overloaded… maybe overloaded times three? I wash about 3 loads of pink only clothes weekly. To put that in perspective- I wash 2 loads of whites, 1 darks, 2 towels.

    • Fannie  says:

      That’s all I have to say about that.