Quiet Time

We decided that it would be a good idea to implement quiet time. Sabrina doesn’t nap and hasn’t napped in a year and a half. Well, she has napped twice in the past year – due to fever.

For my own sanity and wellbeing with a newborn (and because there are only so many times I can watch Bolt) I would like Sabrina to spend an hour in her room quietly playing. She has Legos, books, a giant Teddy bear, puppets, and more stuffed animals than is reasonable.

Honestly, I should have implemented this shortly after naps ended, but that would involve me being more organized.

Yesterday was the first day. She just sat on her bed, staring at the wall. For a whole 20 minutes.

Today, she “totally freaked out.” In the words of her favorite show Peg + Cat.

She acted like we abandoned her in the house, told her Santa was dead, took away all her toys, and gave the cats away.

She wailed, whimpered, and did her best imitation of Llama Llama in Llama Llama Red Pajama.

And then the timer went off (the timer that signaled the end of quiet time) and the atomic bomb of freaking out happened.

Dave held her for ten minutes to get her to calm down.

So, tomorrow … I guess we’ll try again …

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