Although I do appreciate the value of goal setting and the beginning of the year reflection, I sometimes feel like there is this pressure to goal set to perfection on January 1st and by January 15th everyone is back to their good ol’ selves. This is my perfect vs. real resolution list.


Viddy and I are actually going to do more meal planning and healthy eating. We have been doing really good about eating vegetarian every other night – it has become a game almost, trying to think of or search for veggie dinners. And I have gotten to enjoy veggies even more and experiment with new dishes, like sautéed bok choy with mustard over quinoa (surprisingly delicious).

We are also working on being more active, also known as getting our lazy behinds moving in some form.

One of the great parts of marriage is that Viddy and I are always pushing each other to be better. There is frequent reevaluation on how we can be better spiritually, physically, financially, mentally, and emotionally (not all at once). Viddy helps me balance my life and focus on what is most important. So, although I value what the New Year is supposed to do, I know that throughout the whole year Viddy and I will be working together to try and make our lives, our marriage, and our family better – day by day.


3 comments to Resolutions

  • Keara  says:

    Have you used They have a great grocery list feature that makes weekly shooting and meal planning easy!

    I am also addicted to my library, where they have ebooks and audiobooks freely available for download, even directly into a smartphone. I love to listen to an audiobook while I’m cleaning or crafting. But beware!!! Don’t get fluffy things out of the dryer while wearing ear buds. You’ll shock the crap out of your ears, and fry your phone too!

  • Keara  says:

    Weekly shopping! I’m not a big gun person 🙂

  • Harmony  says:

    I loved your resolutions chart! you are so funny!!!!!