Responsibilities and such

It’s Finals Week. And I’ve already mentally checked out of school. Because once I’m done with school I get to delve into preparing for Miss Lulu full time. And I get to have a baby shower. And I get to see lots of family. And then I FINALLY get to meet the little squirt that’s been kicking me in my liver for the past week and a half. And then the real adventure begins.

But I still have one mini-test and one REALLY BIG COMPREHENSIVE test before I should check out…. So today I got my craft on (for reasons I’ll disclose later in this post), caught up on a bunch of blogs I’ve never read before, facebooked, showered, ate some leftovers…. I logged onto Blackboard, if that counts for anything. And Yesterday, instead of studying – I cleaned the shower – that’s procrastination at it’s finest, right there.

Tomorrow is my Ward’s Easter Party. Which, interestingly enough, Viddy and I are in charge of. And he’s out of town. And it’s my finals week. And I’ve been asked to give a talk on Sunday. And my sister flies into town tomorrow. But all of those things give me a reason to procrastinate studying! So it’s all good. For the Easter Party the highlights are going to include an Easter Egg Hunt (of course), Pancake Eating Contest, and game/craft/music stations for the lil’ kids. It’s going to be fun. BUT, I wish Viddy were here – he’s the funny, outgoing, take charge, leader, center-of-attention type. Me – not so much. Viddy is big crowd, make-em laugh funny. I’m accidentally funny, preferably accidentally funny in small groups less than 4 people.

I know what you are thinking, “But you’re so funny on your Blog!” Well, if I’m funny on this blog, it’s because I’m writing things that make me laugh and you happen to share my sense of humor. Lucky You!

I’m sure tomorrow will go fine… But Viddy would be funnier. Just sayin’.

To prep for the party tomorrow I hard boiled 24 eggs. The older kids are doing an egg relay race and egg toss. I’m going to let them think the eggs are raw, but I sure wouldn’t want to clean up that crazy mess – so I boiled the eggs.

I made a trip to Target and Michael’s and the Dollar Tree to get supplies for the prizes. We can’t have a Pancake Eating Contest without a prize!!!









I think it turned out pretty well. And yes, that is a gold spray-painted rhino head in the background – that’s the second place prize. I really enjoyed spray painting. And I kind of like the smell (Weird, I know, don’t worry, I’m not going to start huffing it). I wanted to SprayPaint MORE things. I mean, gold would look great on lots of things… right? Gold rimmed TV, gold decals for the kitten, gold rocking chair – the possibilities are ENDLESS. I ran my ideas by Viddy and he told me I could spray paint decals on my car… but since I’m not living in Detroit anymore I didn’t think it would be a good look for a Honda Accord in the ‘burbs. And that killed my desire to spray paint.

On a completely unrelated note bought up due to my discomfort of trying to sit up normally and type – I now understand why pregnant women rest their hands on tops of their bellies. Sure, it’s a great shelf. Sure, it’s the quintessential pregnancy look. Really, those women are trying to push their babies down and out of their rib cages. Or maybe it’s just me. Miss Lulu spends a lot of time with her little bum right underneath my ribs and her little feet poking, kicking, prodding up into my diaphragm/liver/stomach/lungs which then propels her head to squish my bladder. So, if you see me looking all cute and peaceful with my hands resting on my belly – what’s really happening is I’m gently trying to encourage her to move by pushing and thinking “________ (name I’m not making public yet), get your little bum out of my ribs so that I can bend and breathe. Ok, Thanks.” Usually she doesn’t listen, I suspect a lifetime of that.

I think I’m going to go to bed after a day of successfully not-studying. Blogging is a good way to procrastinate EVEN MORE. Hopefully, tomorrow I can be semi-rested for my semblance of being all adult and responsible and taking charge of this Easter Party business. And then my sister flies in!!! Hooray! Then maybe I’ll study some… Maybe.

Here is a picture of me and the-little-sister approximately 15.4 years ago:








Now I’m all growed up and married and growing a baby and she’s has her driver’s permit. Craziness.

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  • Jamie  says:

    That is a seriously good prize. It far beats any paper plate design. I would spray paint my car gold for that prize. Well not really but I would definitely be eating some pancakes. The activity is going to be fantastic. As well as your talk, finals, and sister coming in town.