Rules for My (In-Utero) Daughter

Have you seen the blog Rules for my Unborn Son?

Hilarious. And Awesome.

You should click the link.

He made a Rules for my unborn daughter mini-list HERE.

But I wanted to make my own list. Most of these are applicable to sons as well, just so you know. But some aren’t – like the one about bras.

Rules for My (In-Utero) Daughter

1) Smile often.

2) Jeans and a t-shirt are always good choices.

3) Let men open the door for you. Not because you can’t open the door for yourself, but to let him do something nice for you.

4) You’ll never be too old for Disney movies.

5) Read. Read. Read. Read. Read.

6) Never gossip.

7) More make-up isn’t better. Unless you’re on stage- then layer it on thick.

.8) A good pair of shoes goes a long way.

9) When you can, pop your own popcorn and use melted butter.

10) Soap Operas (and most daytime TV in general) is trashy and pointless.

11) If you think your dad will think your skirt might be too short/shirt might be too low, then it is.

12) Wash your face.

13) Don’t be afraid of sweat, tears, or the ocean.

14) Sing in the car/shower.

15) Laugh at yourself – even if you’re embarrassed.

16) Don’t buy cheap bras.

17) Say “I Love You” only when you really mean it. And then when you mean it, say it often.

18) Don’t chew gum while doing any kind of public speaking.

19) Have a firm handshake.

20) Learn to cook.

21) If the heel on those shoes is so high that you look ridiculous walking… go for the shorter heel and graceful walking.

22) When asked to dance, say yes.

23) Grudges and jealousy make your teeth yellow and your hair unmanageable.

24) 3 a.m. trips to the coast are a must.

25) Don’t litter.

One comment to Rules for My (In-Utero) Daughter

  • Joanne  says:

    #18 is one of my favorites. I HATE it when someone is teaching a class, or giving a talk, or something like that and chomping away on a piece of gum. So annoying!