School Time!

We have moved! We are living with our very gracious friends in North Carolina while Dave gets settled in his new, wonderful, happier, healthier-working-situation-where-they-actually-appreciate-his-amazingness job. And I start school in six days.

A year ago I was sitting in a Georgetown University classroom looking around at all my classmates that I would be with for the next 2.5 years. And then Dave happened. And now I get to do the whole first-day-of-graduate-school thing allllllll overrrrrr againnnnnnn. Sigh. But it is a much better fit for me. I get to do a combined Family/Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner degree. Perfect for me.

I actually got my homework done for next week (YES, I have reading assignments BEFORE school starts).

This is me doing homework. (I apologize for the frizzy hair and make-up-less-ness – It’s humid here)

This is the other massive book I have to read.

My only question is: Where are all the pictures??? That is a lot of small print… And the entire book is like this.

Favorite quote from my assignment: “Health care is not a commodity – it is a relationship between the patient and the provider.”  The rest of my reading assignment said (to paraphrase) you have to know everything, read everything, be insanely observant, or else you’re going to miss something important and your patient will hate you then die. (OK, not really, but that was my take-away message – makes me a little panicked).

Now I’m going to take a nap.