Sleep Training

Ahhhh. The great battle of getting a baby to sleep.

She loves holding onto her muslin blankets to sleep
















I’m using this book to establish good sleep habits for Lulu (Thanks, Marcia!!). And it has been right on for where Lulu is developmentally each step of the way. So our ‘sleep training’ process has been gradual.

Get Lulu to fall asleep on her own (check-ish)

Motionless, ocean-sound infused, calm sleep (check)

Consistent Sleep Space (check)

Early bed time – 6.30-7 pm (check)

Regular wake-up time- 7-7.30 am (check)

Regular naps……… well….. we’re working on it.

She hasn’t been sleeping through the night, but as far as I understand, that doesn’t happen for awhile for some babies. Miss Lulu wakes up once around 4 am to eat. Sometimes twice at 2 am and then 5 am.

Lulu used to take AWESOME naps! We’re talking 2-3 hours. And she even goes down to sleep at the normal nap times: 8:30-9:30, 12:30-1:30, and then sometime around 3:30-4:30.

But she is not sleeping more than 20 minutes at a time during nap times. And I’ll let her cry to see if she’ll go back to sleep on her own. And she cries and cries and cries. So I go in, give her her pacifier back, pick her up and rock her until she’s calm. Then I put her back down, she drifts off to sleep and wakes up 20-30 minutes later, still tired.  And the cycle repeats for all her naps.

Today I picked her up and we both lay down in my bed, and we slept for 2 hours. When she started to stir, I popped her binky back in and she drifted off back to sleep.















I know she needs to sleep at least 1-2 hours at naptime. But she isn’t staying asleep and it’s driving me bananas. She puts herself back to sleep at night, she falls asleep on her own for the beginning of each nap and for bedtime. I’ve consulted the sleep-book and it isn’t very clear about what to do.

I don’t know how to get her to sleep long at naptime. If I get her up after she’s slept for 20 minutes then she wants to sleep again in an hour or less. And as much as I love to snuggle with her at naptime – I really want her to sleep and stay asleep on her own. Even though I love to snuggle with this sweetie. And she loves to snuggle, too.















Maybe this is just a phase. She’ll grow out of it? Maybe?

So tell me, my friends who are more experienced parents: Did your baby do this? Any suggestions?

8 comments to Sleep Training

  • Cinda Nethercott  says:

    The best advice I got wasn’t til child #4… if only I had known. I was told to try feeding baby right when they woke up and then when the baby gets fussy change them and put them down in their own bed. They will fuss but will ultimately learn to sooth and put themselves to sleep. My daughter slept thru the night at 2 weeks! Worth a try…

    • sara  says:

      Taylor does that too, occasionally, and only in spurts, that he won’t stay down for naps. So, we’ve taken to cuddling with him for naps. We figure he won’t be willing to do this for long, with school and work we’re away from him a lot, and it’s not a regular thing. Sometimes they just need some extra cuddling and love. If I can’t sleep with him forever, I’ll leave him in our bed after 30-45 mins and then he stays asleep. We found also, that cuddling him up in a down pillow (I know, I know) helps him feel cuddled and warm like he’s cuddling with us. Yes, we are careful. He is swaddled and can’t move much of anywhere, and when he is really rolling around we won’t do it at all. But for now, while he is immobile and so small (relatively, anyway) it works for us. But that’s us…. and we’re lucky to have a good sleeper the majority of the time. Do you still swaddle? that could help too. Taylor would wake himself up regularly, at about those intervals, for his naps, so we still keep him wrapped tightly.

  • Irene  says:

    Maybe have her wait until later to nap? I could never keep track of how many naps babies are “supposed” to have at which ages. I do know that the more kids I’ve had the less consistent the naps schedules have been and it has all worked out fine in the end. I was usually more concerned about getting them to sleep through the night around 4 months. Good luck!

  • Brynley  says:

    just a phase. I try to space out my feeding sometimes to make sure they eat a lot before naps. I try to only feed every 2-3 hrs. My kids don’t sleep through the night till 9months. I usually get them 1-3 times in the night. around 6 months I let them cry more because I know they are eating solid foods but before then I always think they are hungry. Just keep doing what you are doing. It sounds like you are trying your best. I know it can be hard because you need the naps so you can do school or all the other things on your list. I remember that with sam and I was only doing my undergrad. I can’t imagine a masters. Snuggling isn’t evil. If is works do it every now and then. It won’t hurt. Good luck!

  • Brynley  says:

    ps I love the pics…don’t you love watching your baby sleep I think it is the cutest thing. I always think I need to go do something but man they are the cutest when they are sleeping.

  • Kristin  says:

    That is so so hard! I still have days where Carmen has trouble with sleeping during naps. Mostly though, it is because of teething or because she isn’t feeling well. Regardless it is a difficult thing because like Brynley mentioned nap time is usually a good time to get things done! I feel for you!

    I read that same book and loved it. It can be vague in some areas, but I do have a few things you might think about. How is the temperature in the room? How is the light level in the room? It sounds like to me that the binky falls out of the mouth->she wakes up->something isn’t right (room temp, light level, noise etc.) for her to be comfortable enough to sleep again. If it isn’t any of those things I would say that her self-soothing is dependent on her binky, and she needs help getting it back in her mouth to get calmed down enough to fall asleep again. I don’t have any pointers with that because Carmen never caught on to the whole Binky/Bottle thing, which was both a blessing and a curse! Though it is odd that she can self-soothe at night and go back to sleep without parent intervention, which leads me to believe that it is something having to do with daytime (noise,temp,light) that is making it hard for her to go back to bed.

    Anyway we dealt with all of the room environment issues I mentioned and figured out what works for Carmen, so if you want any ideas just let me know! I hope she figures things out soon, it makes such a difference in your day to have those hours to get things done.

  • Vanessa  says:

    Steph, I have totally been there. Good choice in books by the way 🙂 Anyway, Mikaela did that for a while. I did some research and what I found was that it was totally normal for babies to wake up after one full sleep cycle and not be able to get themselves back to sleep. They said, and I found it to be true for us, that the more secure your baby becomes with putting herself to sleep by herself in her crib the more she will be able to go back to sleep after the first sleep cycle. You are doing the right things by having her learn to fall asleep by herself and doing the consistent schedule; we did that too and it has totally paid off. It also recommended making sure that your bedtime routine (and nap time routine) are very consistent and that the bedroom is dark- we put a blanket over the blinds and it made a huge difference. Anyway, keep up what you are doing. She will figure it out. They learn SO fast and pretty soon you will be closer to where you guys want to be! Good luck!

  • britt@knewlywifed  says:

    PB goes through nap stages. Sometimes, he’ll nap really great, and then other times, like NOW, he’s having a hard time staying down for longer than 20 minutes. It’s driving me nuts. I think maybe they just go through ‘wakeful periods’, ya know? Like right now, he’s really playful and it’s like he doesn’t want to nap because he’s afraid he’ll miss something. It’s frustrating though, because it makes him grouchy! The best naps he has are with his sound machine, though! I’ll swear by that thing!