Sweet, Spice, and Everything Nice

On New Years’ Eve I had the opportunity to go to this lovely place called Womb with a View (THANKS MOM!). The WHOLE family went. 1 father-to-be, 1 momma-to-be, 3 grandparents-to-be, 3 great-grandparents-to-be, and 5 Aunts/Uncles-to-be. I got to be on the most comfortable ultrasound table ever – warm, supportive, soft flannel covering. Much better than the usual exam room table/modified dental chair experience.

The little wiggly one was very cooperative and not the least bit shy. I had the advantage in the room since I’ve seen many ultrasounds and and can ‘see’ what is going on. The ultrasound tech had a good shot and I knew the gender. It was obvious. We’ll work on modesty with the little one later.

The baby is most definitely a GIRL. And wiggly. And she has big feet (didn’t get that from me!).

Below are some of the pictures from the ultrasound. Dave calls these pictures mud-baby pictures. Most of the pictures she has her hands up by her head, posing. Or hands on her face. The pictures aren’t great (as fun as the 4D ultrasounds are… sometimes they just turn out WEIRD looking). She’s only 17 weeks and has plenty of time to get bigger and more newborn like. Lots of incubating time is what I’m hoping for (well…. 38-40 weeks = lots).

Afterwards, we happily went to the mall and browsed Baby Gap and Gymboree. Super cute adorable baby girl clothes. However slightly, I mean blatantly, overpriced. (I found the $3 rack of baby clothes at Target last night. Dear Target, I love you.)

A regular ultrasound picture:

The whole ultrasound she had her hands right by here face:

This is kind of a weird picture of her face, but check out her big feet! Didn’t get that from mom…

I can’t tell, but she may be sucking her thumb here:

Another update, I can feel the baby move now. AND IT’S WEIRD. Reassuring. BUT WEIRD. She went a little nuts after I ate blueberries yesterday. She was bouncing all over the place, particularly on my bladder – problematic when I’m sitting in class- trying to pay attention. I went from happily sitting there to “OHMYGOSH, I have to pee NOW!” to “Ok, I’m fine” to “OHMYGOSH, I have to pee NOW!” to “I’m fine, but what in the crazy is she doing??” I don’t know if that means she likes blueberries or doesn’t like them. Oh well. I like them. And if she doesn’t – she can deal. I don’t know about this ‘fluttering’ I’ve heard and read about. I feel like I ate a cheeseburger whole, and it’s rolling around in my insides, and kicking me. It almost tickles, but doesn’t. It’s almost uncomfortable sometimes, but not quite. Like I said, reassuring – but weird.

2 comments to Sweet, Spice, and Everything Nice

  • Joanne  says:

    I never understood the fluttering thing either. It never felt like fluttering to me. Of course, my kids were big kickers when I was pregnant (especially Wendy). Those 4D pictures are kind of cool and kind of creepy all at the same time.

  • Vanessa  says:

    I love it! Isn’t it great to feel her move? I was a paranoid nervous wreck until I could feel her move and then it was so reassuring to know that she was still doing well. Congrats on having a girl. They are pure sunshine šŸ™‚