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Comparing Childhoods

I’m very curious to see what kind of personality this little active baby of mine will have. Talking to husband-o-mine and comparing how we were as children has been very interesting and entertaining. I thought I’d share some of the stories.

Fannie: I was very shy as a child. Painfully shy. I would hide when people I didn’t know came over. Or if I didn’t hide, I just wouldn’t talk to them. My parents would have me do things like get napkins in a fast food place to break me out of my shell. I stayed shy until I started theater in high school.

Viddy: I pretended like I was shy, but had no problem walking up to Vice President Dan Quayle with grass stains all over my pants...

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We already celebrated Valentine’s Day/Love Day/Smooching Day/over-priced-cards-and-flowers-Day.

On Saturday we did Yard Work. Well, Mr. Husband did yard work. I did homework and supervised. And then we cleaned up and put on Not-Pajamas and went out to dinner. The Melting Pot. YUMMMMMM. It’s the second time we’ve been in the last 2 years and I whole heartedly recommend it. It’s not exactly what you would call “Easy on your pocketbook” BUT for a special treat it’s fun and romantic and DELICIOUS. And they are Gluten-Free Friendly. Happy food for meeeeeeeee!

Then we went and got a Red Box movie… that we still haven’t returned. I have a love/hate relationship with redbox. Love how cheap it is, hate how I can never remember to return the movie until we’ve spent more than $5. FacePalm.



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Keep or Destroy?

My husband, the father to my in-utero child, Viddy (also known as Sugah-Honey-Love-Muffin) struggles with… getting rid of clothing.

He likes to collect t-shirts, belt buckles, and doesn’t like to throw things away. Most of the time I have no problem with this. The t-shirts are mostly funny and witty. The belt buckles are more or less harmless. My end goal is just to keep us from being on the TLC show “Hoarders.”

So I’m going to take a poll. This is a shirt that he INSISTS on keeping.

Here it is:

His Arguments: “For ugly sweater parties” and “Because I got it out of the dorm donation box freshman year”

Her Arguments: “When was the last time we went to an ugly sweater party?” and  “The 80’s called and they don’t like the sweater, either – it’s too ugly for the 80’s” and “We can find somethi...

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Eventful, Life

How many major life changed can we cram in a short time?

Well… let’s see:

1) Meet, Date, Get Engaged, Get Married: Mormon Style (a.k.a. this takes less than three years, for us from start to marriage was 7 months – and yes, we’re very happy)

2) Move multiple times (I moved into Dave’s apartment, we moved to NC with friends and put all of our stuff in storage, then move into our sparkly house)

3) Buy a house (pictures will be coming)

4) Get a lifetime pet (Our new kitty, Toby, will be joining us in January. He’s a Siberian.)

5) Change Wards four times. (Meet some new people, meet some new people again, and meet some new people AGAIN). Oh and to interpret for those who are not members of the same church as me, a Ward is a group of members of my church that is organized geographically...

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What is Relocating, Alex?

We’re Moving!!!! To North Carolina! The Raleigh/Durham area, to be exact. It’s going to be a little bit hotter, but the winters will be better. Graduate school is cheaper, Graduate schools are better, Dave gets paid more, and we can afford to buy a house with a monthly mortgage payment that would be half of what we’re paying now in rent. WIN WIN!

If you had told me a year ago that I would be moving to North Carolina, I would have laughed out loud. For 20 straight minutes. Well, I would have laughed out loud for 25 straight minutes if you told a year ago me I’d be married in a year. Moral of the story: Life happens. And the unexpected happens. Just roll with it, Folks.

We are moving the first week of August, but first we must go to a wedding, in Idaho...

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The Wedding….

Everyone has been asking me, “How do you like being married?” What do people expect me to say? “Oh, well, you know…… it’s fine – I guess.” I usually just make some quippy comment in response. We get to save on gas money. I get to decorate an apartment (more on that later), I get more sleep, and most importantly I get to see and be with my best friend all the time (except when he’s working, or I’m working… you know, the REST of the time). I’ve also learned some things about myself. For example: I’m a Yo-Yo cuddler in my sleep. I spend my sleeping time rolling from one side of the bed all the way to the other side of the bed and snuggle with the Hubby. Then I roll all the way back to the other side of the bed. It just keeps repeating itself. At least that’s what I’ve been told. I always wake up in the same spot, so I’m not sure if I believe it.

But I’m sure my three blog readers really want to hear about the actual WEDDING DAY. Not about my odd sleeping habits.

For me, the best part of getting ready for the wedding was seeing all my friends and family come into town. Friends I haven’t seen in years flew in to celebrate with me and help get everything ready. From keeping me sane, to sneaking me out for dessert, to keeping track of all of my stuff on the wedding day – I couldn’t have stayed sane without them. Or have put together so many blasted paper lantern things.

The night before the wedding I made a very smart decision that involved modern medicine. I took an Ambien. Well, half an Ambien – I did want to wake up the next morning. I thankfully slept through all the night time drama. Like my littlest sister/ flower girl tossing her cookies all night. Poor thing was as sick as could be, but show up she did for all the pictures and wedding festivities (granted, she was on the strongest anti-nausea stuff my dad the P.A. could procure).

My day started at 8 ish. I woke up, gathered all my stuff, through some clothes on and headed out with my mom and The Humanities Major to get my hair did. Mr. The-Best-Kept-Secret in Modesto, Ca did my hair, beautifully. And he gave me some great make-up tips. So I finished my make-up, put on my pearls and we drove up to the temple.

What I had failed to plan was making sure that my temple recommend was in my possession. The fiance had it, so I had to wait outside the temple for him. As soon as he got there, I booked it inside to change into the wedding dress for wedding pictures round one. Which went kind of smoothly. There was one point when all the groomsmen took off to who knows where (turns out they had pizza stashed in someone’s car)...

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15 May 2010

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Cherry Blossom Festival

We really enjoyed the cherry blossom festival. I got my creative on and took lots of pictures with my underused camera. Cherry blossoms are an omen of good fortune and are also an emblem of love, affection and represent spring. Perfect for us. Perfect for a wedding.

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The Things We Do

Working, Studying, Wedding Planning. We have lots of things to fill our time. But there are certain things we like to do more than others. This is what we do with our time:

I study. A lot. Or I try to... My pharmacy class and I don't get along. I've developed the habit of organizing my food before I eat it. I think it's my outlet for school. Or maybe I'm just neurotic. Or OCD (emphasis on the C).

This is Band-Aid Owl. This is what happens when you spend too much time on cuteoverload.com. And then you cut the top of your finger off while chopping onions. And then you have a bandaid and a sharpie...

I like to crochet. I like the neat lines. I like creating something from a ball of yarn. This was my conference project, for my friend from school who is having a baby boy.

Dave and I LOVE to coo...

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Extreme Bachelor Pad Makeover

Due to the overwhelming clamor for new posts.  I thought I’d share this special treat.  A picture of my current bachelor pad that is slowly transforming itself into what is known as an apartment blessed with a woman’s touch.  Today, my roommate moved out of my apartment to make room for new horizons in his own life and room for my future eternal roommate in my life.

As this new chapter opens, we’ve immediately begun to re-arrange the apartment and make some adjustments.  As a treat, can you name the 3 things in this picture that have already changed due to a woman’s touch and the 3 things that are bachelor-pad indicators and probably will change.

Now, don’t cheat by looking below at the picture.  Resist the urge.  Don’t come over to the dark side of I Spy picture cheaters.

So, are yo...

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