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How I ended up in Labor and Delivery…. earlier than planned

Wednesday began like any other wednesday. I was STILL recovering from jet lag from my super awesome fun crazy wedding weekend in Utah. Yes, the Humanitarian Major got married. So of course I had to go. And then I made sure I was there long enough to see a bunch of friends. And then I had a red eye flight back and played the game “don’t get kankles” rather unsuccessfully. (By the way, kankles, as defined by Urban dictionary, is where one’s calf turns into a foot without taking an ankle break).


Where was I? Oh yes, Labor and Delivery and how I ended up there.

Wednesday morning I noticed something strange. Something I haven’t felt in many months – what felt like early cramps. And my tummy seemed unusually tight sometimes. So I did what any good nurse would do – I ignored it...

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Comparing Childhoods

I’m very curious to see what kind of personality this little active baby of mine will have. Talking to husband-o-mine and comparing how we were as children has been very interesting and entertaining. I thought I’d share some of the stories.

Fannie: I was very shy as a child. Painfully shy. I would hide when people I didn’t know came over. Or if I didn’t hide, I just wouldn’t talk to them. My parents would have me do things like get napkins in a fast food place to break me out of my shell. I stayed shy until I started theater in high school.

Viddy: I pretended like I was shy, but had no problem walking up to Vice President Dan Quayle with grass stains all over my pants...

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Active Baby Lulu

Note: Lulu will not be my child’s name. This is an in-utero nickname. It may or may not have something to do with what her name will be. I’m not telling. But she does have a name picked out. Again, I’m not telling- mostly because I don’t want to hear about so-and-so’s cousin’s boyfriend’s sister who had that name and was skanky or bossy or mean or crazy or whatever. So to prevent any kind of unwanted commentation – no one knows what her name is going to be. Except me. And my husband. All ya’ll will just have to wait until she’s born. Just 15-16 more weeks (unless she comes early… HA, not likely).

Little Miss Lulu is quite active. At 22 weeks I was ‘seeing’ her move. And the movement has just gotten stronger and stronger and more regular. Nighttime is her favorite to move...

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Introducing … a Kitten!

Ladies and Gentlemen! Come one, come all. I introduce to you a live! Soft pink nose, fluffy and soft fur, adorable pouncing! Right here in North Carolina!

Why a kitten?

Well…. I like kittens/cats/animals/furry things. We found a low-allergen breed of cat (the Siberian). They are also very active, playful, loving, affectionate, athletic and all other good things found in kitties. I like dogs as well, but the time and energy they need to be healthy… we just couldn’t provide. After 2 days we were comfortable letting the kitten wander around the entire house without any worries of him destroying anything. Puppies…. need a little bit more time than that.

Our kitten, Teddy, has adjusted well to his new home. He likes sleeping, pouncing, chasing his toys, and being with us. He follows us to whatever room we go to. When we leave he stands at the door and cries for about 10 minutes. He loves being brushed – He’ll lie down and then flip over to make sure he’s brushed everywhere. We are also the new owners of a variety of scratching posts. We are training him that these posts are better than the love seat (thankfully he has no interest in scratching the leather couch!). We are also working on don’t-jump-on-the-counters.

He’s learning to play fetch. He hides his toys under the rug in the living room – on purpose. He also enjoys batting the same toys under the oven, and then standing there looking at the oven and at us- meowing – wondering when we’re going to get it for him so he can do it again.

Check out his huge paws. He’s going to be a big cat...

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Deception, Crankiness, and Small Town America

Driving from DC after our happy Thanksgiving break, Mr. Always-Drives and I decide that we need a break from the freeway. Dave needs caffeine, I want a milkshake = lets get off the road.

The freeway people are kind enough to post that on exit 345B there is a McDonalds. Perfect. Coke, milkshake, (moderately clean) bathroom: check.

We exit and are annoyed to find that the McDonalds is 3.6 miles away. Grumble. And we can’t turn around anywhere. More grumble.

So we keep driving and driving and driving, and finally get to the grease hole known as McD’s.
Bladders are relieved and we proceed to order our drinks.

And there isn’t any ice cream. Ok… Well, there is an Arby’s next door- so we go there to get a milkshake.
Again, there isn’t any ice cream...

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Traditions and Jealousy

We have already established a few routines set up in our day to day lives. Tuesday and Wednesday are Go-To-School-Days. Sundays or Saturdays are Pancakes-For-Breakfast (Thank you, Gluten free bisquick- I heart you). And Fridays are Husband-Works-From-Home.

In some ways it’s nice, it’s like an extra pajama day, relax, hang out, catch up on Hulu. But I have a problem. I’m jealous of his work computer. Granted, it has a faster processor than me, it weighs less (but I have more curves). It has Microsoft Word. I have Facetiousness 2.0.

I get it. He owes the computer. He owes it eight hours of time. I understand. And we have a mortgage payment and a kitten to pay for. Being a flu shot nurse isn’t exactly the most lucrative business around.

But when I’m just sitting around… waiting. Bored...

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Midnight Klepto

I woke up in the middle of the night slightly uncomfortable. I wanted, no… I NEEDED another pillow to be completely positively comfy.

I only had 2 pillows.

I looked around and Dave had two pillows under his head. Who needs two pillows under their head?


I reached out, pulled on a corner to see if it would give.

And I swiped the pillow.

Dave’s head went THUD as it dropped 5 inches.

Dave woke up, looked around.

And I was fast (pretend) asleep with his pillow securely under my arm.

But don’t worry, Dave swiped it back when I went to get up to use el bano.

DISCLAIMER: I take no responsibility for any damage my (not very conscious) actions cause from the hours of 12 am till 7 am.

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Originally we had this whole coastal road trip planned out. We were going to stop in one city a night and just drive down Highway 1. Then we realized we didn’t want to do that, so we planned on staying in two cities: Monterey and San Diego. Monterey has THE AQUARIUM (yes, it needs to be capitalized like that – because it’s the best thing EVER). And San Diego has the zoo and is closer to Pheonix, where we ended up driving after our official honeymoon was over. San Deigo….. I’ve heard it’s a beautiful place, I’m not so convinced since all I saw was the hotel room and a walgreens…. the explanation will be coming.

The Sunday after the wedding we went and opened presents with the family. There was lots of typing of gifts and gift paper flying around and people munching on food...

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Parties, Traffic Violations, and Losing Things

This past weekend Dave and I went to Utah. I haven’t been in Utah in about a year. It was a great trip, but, Wow, did we have an adventure.

Day One (Friday)

We flew into Salt Lake via New York (Thank You, Jetblue terminal for being AWESOME). We arrived at 5.30, Grabbed our rental and headed off to Provo. My Bridal Shower was planned for 7.30. Oh, and we got In-N-Out on the way. Major Yum. I inhaled it like I hadn’t eaten in 4 days. MmmmMmmmmmm…. So I got to Stacey’s house and had chocolate fondue (as a salute to the Very Well Known Bekka/Lacey/Steph Chocolate Parties). I got to see my wonderful friends, talk and laugh and talk and laugh some more. It was SO GOOD to see everyone. I miss all my friends in Utah so so so much. I got great presents, but mostly I was able to see and and talk to and hug and laugh with everyone.

Day Two (Saturday)

I wake up, and I can’t find my make-up bag, airplane neck pillow thing, Dave’s sunglasses, and my NYC t-shirt. All of these things were supposed to be in my suitcase. I unpacked and repacked my suitcase, like, 6 times. And everything has completely disappeared. Somehow my suitcase came unzipped and everything important fell out while I was walking to my friend’s house. We found the tshirt and the neck pillow thing. But the make-up? Dave’s sunglasses? Gone. No More. I’m going to a wedding, and my

make-up bag is gone. (AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!). Dave says, it’s fine, you don’t need make-up, you look beautiful. (Thanks, Honey, but … not to a wedding). I wanted to cry, but I wasn’t going to let the first time I really cry in front of Dave be about make-up. I do have some self respect, even though I’m freaking out about make-up. And to make matters worse, it’s not walmart make-up. We’re talking Bare Minerals, yes, the stuff from the infomercials. Pricey.

After I freaked out, we went to breakfast with Dave’s sibs (and sib-in-law). Way fun. Took my mind off my little dilemma. And off to Dave’s grandma and grandpa’s house we went. I was able to meet them for the first time, we talked and got to know each other briefly, and then Dave and I had to take off like a plane to continue our adventure. And I had a brilliant idea. Nordstrom’s make-up counter. We went there, I told them my sob story, I had 3 make-up ladies around me, grieving with me for the loss of my make-up. And they sat me down, and did my make-up, gave me replacements and threw in a complementary make-up bag for free. PHEW. Disaster Averted.

We went to pick up Dave’s friends, got In-N-Out (for the second time – YUM). And were merrily on our way to the Bountiful Temple. We’re right about to the freeway when something strange happens. We’re just all talking and laughing in the car and Dave pulls over to the side of the road...

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