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DIY Play Kitchen, from a reclaimed cabinet

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The Big Three-Oh

((I thought I posted this on Saturday – Viddy’s Birthday – but apparently I didn’t…. User Error))

Viddy has reached a milestone.


He can no longer say he’s in his twenties. His days of late night partying, skinny jeans, reckless and crazy behavior are OVER.

OK. So, life isn’t going to change to much.

Birthdays are funny that way. You change age overnight and…. nothing changes. This past year was a big one. Moving twice, buying a house, having a baby. I certainly hope Viddy’s 31st year isn’t as event-filled. I can only take so many life-changing events.

Today we celebrated the big 3-0 at home, Dave grilled steak, I unveiled the lemon cake with lemon curd filling and raspberry cream cheese frosting (not that it was a big secret)...

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Sweet 16

Two days ago my little sister, known as Auntie Em Auntie Em to Lulu, turned 16.

And today she gets her driver’s license!


How did I get that old?!?!

I mean- Happy Birthday to my sister!

Auntie Em and Me













Yes, we’re goofy together. Disregard my totally whacked out smile. In this picture, I was still on prescription pain killers from the c-section.

Now that Auntie Em is driving that means that she can drive ME around whenever I go and visit! YEAH! ((Happy Dance))

LOVE YOU, SISTER! You da bestest.

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